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Testing an interactive flipchart Samsung FL!P

2020 | march

Testing an interactive flipchart Samsung FL!P

If you are still wondering whether to buy an interactive flipchart Samsung FL!P, this test is for you.

Many companies face a dilemma when purchasing office and conference room equipment: a traditional paper flipchart or an interactive display? On the one hand, we know perfectly well that sheets of paper are a thing of the past, but on the other hand, buying an expensive interactive display with a host of features that we often do not even use halfway through may not be economically viable. Samsung has understood this dilemma perfectly and met the expectations of customers by presenting something in between – an interactive flipchart Samsung FL!P.

The main idea behind this display is to provide maximum intuitive and effective cooperation at a reasonable price. The set includes a 55” UHD touch screen LCD display, a stand with a shelf for a laptop and a pen. Although the manufacturer has provided the possibility to mount the screen on a wall, this means losing one of the most important functionalities – its mobility which allows you to use it anywhere in the office depending on the needs. A single device with a stand included costs about 10 000 PLN net at the recommended price for the end customer.

The interactive flipchart transforms every space into a creative meeting room. Thanks to the built-in sensors, working with Samsung FL!P starts immediately by approaching it, lifting the pen or changing the orientation of the screen (from vertical to horizontal or vice versa). What it means is that you do not have to prepare the device in advance and wait for its long initialization in order to start the meeting on time.

Note-taking, drawing and controlling the functions of the device is done with the supplied pen and erasing is done with your hand. The InGlass™ touch technology with 8 ms response time ensures smooth, real-time writing almost like on traditional paper. What is more, up to 4 people can write on the screen at the same time. Changes in files can be made directly on the screen. The screen orientation change mode with fast response time is also very useful.

Displaying content from personal devices on FL!P is possible thanks to the use of an HDMI cable or wireless NFC and Wi-Fi technologies. Simply put your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet against the flipchart or connect to FL!P using its internal hot-spot. With Wi-Fi OUT, you can share your flipcharts not only on your personal devices, but also via a projector, large-format display or LED conference room wall, so you can also use them for lectures and larger meetings.

FL!P enables you to save, store and edit screen contents on an internal memory, USB memory or network drive. Then you can share them with co-workers via mobile and digital channels or simply print them out.

The device also allows you to protect files from unauthorized access, both during and after a session. Each team member can set a unique PIN for their files. Thanks to this solution, all information is secure and only authorized users have access to it.

What also deserves attention is the intuitive menu, which facilitates navigation through its functions and provides quick access to various options.

To sum up, Samsung FL!P is the perfect choice if you do not need an interactive whiteboard with dozens of sophisticated applications and efficient support during meetings at a very reasonable price. It enables you to view content, write notes, and share your materials quickly. It is definitely a tool that increases the effectiveness of each team’s work and that is worth having in your office or conference center.