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There are various spaces planned within AmRest office in Wroclaw:small meeting rooms for up to 4 people; medium meeting rooms for up to 6, 8 & 10 people; large meeting rooms for up to 16 people;...

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Etnocentre in Krosno


Just before the journey at the ETNOcentre starts, the first exhibit is welcoming the visitors – it is a hut traditional in Pogorze region. This attraction is addressed at the youngest members of the a...

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Havi Logistics


Town Hall area is a central spot in the Havi Logistics office in Cracow – it is an area tailored for internal meetings, management team announcements and team building. Town Hall gathering is one of t...

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Kaufland Headquarters


Each of the conference rooms in Kaufland HQ has two input sources. A wall connection with permanently connected computer with presentation software installed, allows the user to start a presentation q...

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Regional Museum

14 (1)
2021Zielona Góra

City and the region from X until XVIII century The central point of the first part of the exhibition is a mobile multimedia model, controlled from a 22” touch panel, through a dedicated exhibit manage...

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Showroom in the Plac Unii building


Showroom is divided into 3 zones: conference, workstations and client-facing area. Conference Room Conference space has been arranged in ONLINE standard: Microsoft Teams Room. We have equipped it with...

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JAMF Amsterdam

JAMF_0777 (4)

In Dutch JAMF office audiovisual systems are used in many different spaces: large conference rooms (for up to 20 people), medium and small meeting rooms (for maximum 6 and 3 people respectively) and r...

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Bania Conference Center

Hotel Bania 2020 fot Szymon Polanski-1506 (3)
2020Białka Tatrzańska

The Conference Centre consists of six rooms (3 Crowns, Wierchy and four VIP rooms), a foyer, an exhibition corridor, two receptions, an administration room and a café. Hall 3 Crowns can act as one lar...

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Cushman & Wakefield

CUSHMAN&WAKEFIELD realizacja A+V proj Massive Desing fot Szymon Polanski-6195 (1)

The first stage of planning new office of Cushman & Wakefield was very important. We started by analyzing the current global corporate standard and conducting workshops with employees and managers...

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