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What is the future of video connectors in meeting rooms?

2020 | march

What is the future of video connectors in meeting rooms?

As technology evolves, trends in connector types are changing. The biggest changes concern especially power supply, data transmission and signal sources. The analysis shows that the connectors used in devices have changed radically, especially in the last 2 years (2017-2019).

The conclusions of the study*, which aimed to analyze connectors used by the most popular PC suppliers are as follows:
VGA port usage has dropped from 32% to 7%,
– The use of DisplayPort connector has decreased from 21% to 8%,
– between 59% and 65% of the devices are equipped with an HDMI connection,
– The presence of the USB-C connector has increased from 65% to 79%, and this number is expected to increase with each year.

Research* also looked at the type of connectors used by individual laptop manufacturers:
Lenovo: HDMI and USB-C predominate
HP: HDMI and USB-C predominate
Dell: HDMI and USB-C predominate
Apple: Thunderbolt and USB-C only
Asus, Samsung, Acer: various combinations of USB-C, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort
Microsoft Surface: USB-C and Mini DisplayPort


The requirements and standards of connectors vary depending on the business segment and the type of market, however, by analysing the research, it can be concluded that the use of USB-C and HDMI type connectors allows for 100% compatibility with any personal computer, regardless of its manufacturer.

* Source: Crestron, Laptop and Mobile Connectivity in the Modern Workplace, 2019