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How much money do you waste on an ill-equipped conference room?

2020 | march

How much money do you waste on an ill-equipped conference room?

Conference rooms equipped with modern audio-visual systems are an indispensable tool for teamwork in any company. Most of them are used daily for several hours. Unfortunately, not all of them are properly equipped, which often causes problems when using them. See how much money you waste if that is the case.


In order to calculate the cost of an ill-equipped conference room we assumed that:

  • six people on average participate in a meeting,
  • the conference room is used for 6 hours each day,
  • during an hour-long meeting, if the AV system is not properly implemented, the participants waste 10 minutes of their work time (1/6thof an hour). The reason for this is that there is usually no room reservation system, no AV equipment working, non-intuitive control of room equipment, no proper connector or video cable in the media-port, faulty remote control or no remote control for the display or projector, etc.,
  • the average cost of an employee in a corporation, including overheads, is on average 120 PLN per hour,
  • we have 200 working days in a year.


With this data, you can easily calculate how much money you are wasting on one non-professionally designed and implemented conference room per year:


6               x                6               x                1/6          x                120         x                200         =                144,000.00 PLN

^                                  ^                                  ^                                  ^                                  ^

|                                  |                                  |                                  |                                  |

people                    hours                       of an hour             PLN                           days



Given the fact that audio-visual equipment for one conference room costs about 30 000 PLN, the money you waste could be invested in properly equipping as many as four meeting rooms.


Remember that professionally designed and equipped conference rooms will save your employees’ time, increase their efficiency and generate profits for your organization.