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A+V Team

Thank you for reaching out to us.


Thank you for reaching out to us. The passion, determination, and experience of our team will contribute to our joint success.

Jarosław Kołcun, Founder & CEO

Projects Department

  • damian-cieciora
    Damian Cieciora

    Design Office Manager

  • marcin-bogaczyk
    Marcin Bogaczyk


  • filip-konik
    Filip Konik


  • malgorzata-szafran
    Małgorzata Szafran

    Designer Assistant

  • lukasz-dziedziuch
    Łukasz Dziedziuch


  • grzegorz-krukowski
    Grzegorz Krukowski


Sales department

  • kamil-wolczynski
    Kamil Wołczyński

    Customer Advisor from the Public Sector

  • hubert-kurek
    Hubert Kurek

    Customer Advisor

  • tomasz-goralski
    Tomasz Góralski

    Customer Advisor

  • bartosz-kowalewski
    Bartosz Kowalewski

    Distribution Department Manager

  • aleksandra-maziarz
    Aleksandra Maziarz

    Customer Advisor from the Education Sector

Contracts Implementation Department

  • tomasz-wojciechowski
    Tomasz Wojciechowski

    Implementation Department Director

  • andrzej-galecki
    Andrzej Gałecki

    Technical Director

  • Janusz Kałaczyński
    Janusz Kałaczyński

    Contract Manager

  • krysztof-grzegorzek
    Krzysztof Grzegorzek

    Contract Manager

  • marcin-durak
    Marcin Durak

    Contract Manager

Implementation and Service Department

  • pawel-mieleszko
    Paweł Mieleszko


  • Tomasz Mołdoch
    Tomasz Mołdoch

    Programmer/ Implementation Specialist

  • michal-dziurkowski
    Michał Dziurkowski

    Implementation Specialist

  • tomasz-waranica
    Tomasz Waranica

    Network Specialist

Administration Department

  • natalia-kurzawa
    Natalia Kurzawa

    Head of the Board Office

  • agnieszka-kunysz
    Agnieszka Kunysz

    Office Assistance/ Administration Specialist