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A+V Team

Thank you for reaching out to us.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. The passion, determination, and experience of our team will contribute to our joint success.


Meet our Team

Jarosław Kołcun, Founder & CEO

Projects Department

  • marcin-bogaczyk
    Marcin Bogaczyk

    AV Design Team Manager

  • filip-konik
    Filip Konik

    Senior Designer

  • lukasz-dziedziuch
    Łukasz Dziedziuch

    Senior Designer

  • grzegorz-krukowski
    Grzegorz Krukowski

    Senior Designer

  • DSC01765
    Radosław Łabędzki


  • malgorzata-szafran
    Małgorzata Szafran


Sales department

  • Marta_Woronowicz_Małe (1)
    Marta Woronowicz

    Sales Director

  • Daniel_Mordwiński_Małe (1)
    Daniel Mordwiński

    Customer Advisor - Corporate Sector

  • kamil-wolczynski
    Kamil Wołczyński

    Customer Advisor - Public Sector

  • bartosz-kowalewski
    Bartosz Kowalewski

    Distribution Manager

  • aleksandra-maziarz
    Aleksandra Maziarz

    Marketing Specialist

Contracts Implementation Department

  • krysztof-grzegorzek
    Krzysztof Grzegorzek

    Contracts Implementation Department Manager

  • DSC01757(1)
    Janusz Kałaczyński

    Managing Director A+V Europe

  • andrzej-galecki
    Andrzej Gałecki

    Contract Manager

  • marcin-durak
    Marcin Durak

    Contract Manager

Implementation and Service Department

  • Paweł_Mieleszko_Małe (1)
    Paweł Mieleszko

    Implementation & Service Manager

  • Maciej_Chomicki_Małe (1)
    Maciej Chomicki

    Service Administration, Logistics and Purchasing Specialist

  • Tomasz Mołdoch
    Tomasz Mołdoch

    Programmer/ Implementation Specialist

  • michal-dziurkowski
    Michał Dziurkowski

    Programmer / Implementation Specialist

  • Ireneusz_Możejko_Małe (2)
    Ireneusz Możejko

    Programmer/ Implementation Specialist

  • DSC02375(51)
    Michał Moraszczyk

    Programmer / Implementation Specialist

  • tomasz-waranica
    Tomasz Waranica

    Network Specialist

Administration Department

  • tomasz-wojciechowski
    Tomasz Wojciechowski

    Operations Director

  • agnieszka-kunysz
    Agnieszka Kunysz

    Office Assistant

  • Natalia_Kołcun_600 (1)
    Natalia Kołcun

    Administrative Assistant