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How to choose an AV integrator? Twelve questions to be asked.

2020 | march

How to choose an AV integrator? Twelve questions to be asked.

Many of us cannot imagine buying a product without reading a review of it. Now, with just a few clicks of the button, you can get feedback on everything from restaurants and movies to stores and the products they offer.
Yet do we make the same effort when we look for strategic partners such as audio-visual system integrators for our projects?

How to evaluate an audio-visual system integrator?

You should look for integrators who will help you achieve your strategic goals and at the same time enable you to complete your project within the scope, time and budget you set.

Below you will find 12 questions that will help you assess the knowledge, technical and financial capabilities and reputation of each potential audio-visual partner.


Questions to determine the degree of knowledge and professionalism

  1. Is the integrator you want to commission your project to a member of the most important organization in the audio-visual industry – AVIXA, and do its employees have up-to-date training and CTS certificates confirming thorough knowledge and good practices in the AV systems industry?
  2. Has the integrator’s team obtained relevant certificates from dedicated technical training courses organized by the manufacturers of the solutions used in your project? Only thorough and constantly updated knowledge about AV devices, their capabilities and limitations guarantees their proper implementation and achievement of the intended functionality.
  3. What is the project management structure of the integrator? Does it have a dedicated contract manager, AV system designer, programmer, network engineer and implementation engineers? A comprehensive implementation of an audio-visual system is a labor-intensive process that requires constant commitment and cooperation of all these individuals.
  4. How does the integrator manage risk, deal with it and prepare for it? During the works, a small, unforeseen but fateful mistake may stop the implementation and, for example, delay the move of your employees to a new office.


Questions to assess the achievements of the potential integrator

  1. Since when has the integrator been in the industry and what projects did it carry out in the past? Maybe your project is a challenge that will be impossible to overcome by that integrator.
  2. Can the integrator take you on a reference tour of the project already completed? The effects of the integrator’s work are best evidenced by satisfied customers.
  3. On average, how long have the team members been working in the AV integrator’s company? High turnover of employees may prove that the management in the company is not the best.


Questions to confirm the integrator’s implementation and service capabilities

  1. Can the integrator provide support in multiple locations? Engaging the same company in the implementation and maintenance of AV systems in several locations of your company saves time, money and eliminates problems with system maintenance.
  2. Does the integrator provide services mainly in person or does it outsource them to other companies? In times of crisis of the IT and construction industries it is not easy to find a subcontractor providing professional and timely services. A good integrator is able to guarantee the implementation of the contract on its own.
  3. Does the integrator provide after-sales services, including SLA services? What is the template of its SLA like? Remember that servicing an audio-visual system is as important as its implementation.


Questions to assess financial stability

  1. Does the integrator have a civil liability insurance policy and an assembly risk policy and what is the value of these policies? Not only does such an insurance policy protect your project in case of failure, but it also demonstrates a positive assessment of the company’s financial condition by insurance companies.
  2. What is the financial rating of the AV integrator according to rating agencies? This information helps to assess if the integrator is in financial trouble or pays its creditors on time. According to the latest reports, the dynamics of bankruptcy reaches 10% year on year, which significantly impacts the construction industry and professional and technical businesses.


Audio-visual system integrators as strategic partners

Is choosing the right partner easier now?

As a company we meet the highest industry standards. By choosing us as your partner to deliver audiovisual systems, you can be sure that you acquire a qualified supplier who can provide exactly what you need in any of your locations.