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A day in a life of A+V Service & Implementation Department

2022 | july

A day in a life of A+V Service & Implementation Department

Here at A+V we have an experienced team of engineers, who look after the correct operation of audio-visual systems implemented in our clients’ properties. Constant training & obtaining new certification result in our team having the most current knowledge in the #AV industry, especially in video-conferencing. All our activities have one main goal – client’s satisfaction. Our experience allowed us to implement a number of procedures – thanks to them, we are rarely caught by surprise!

An engineer in our service & implementation team starts his day by reviewing current service tickets and reports. If one of our clients reports a system fault under our SLA, our standard procedure commences.

What is the process of dealing with a fault report?

1. Fault notification

Our clients can place a fault report on the phone or e-mail directly to the service team. A+V engineer contacts the client to get all information required for a correct diagnosis and an initial fault analysis. The fault is registered on our system.

2. Remote problem solving

In some cases, it is possible to solve the issue remotely. We are using professional software to connect with the AV system in the client’s location to diagnose the problem. Alternatively, we instruct the client on the phone, about the quickest steps they can take, to solve the problem there and then. On many occasions, this is the fastest way to bring the audio-visual system back to effective operation, and to enable the client to return to his standard duties.

3. Consultation and searching for answers in more complex cases

When a fault is proven to be a complicated one, A+V service team discusses the matter together to define the most effective way to solve the issue. Team manager allocates an engineer with the highest qualifications in the required field and knowledge of the client’s AV system – this engineer takes ownership of the matter and full system recovery in the required time.

4. Work scheduling

This stage of the process includes consultations with the client, regarding spare devices in the client’s stock, as well as tools and equipment we need to prepare for the visit onsite. A schedule of work is created.

5. Onsite support

A+V engineer arrives and fixes the fault in the audio-visual system. He can count on additional support of his team, as and when needed. The faulty device is replaced with a working one if possible – removed elements are brought back to A+V office to be repaired.

6. Device fixing and returning

A+V engineer contacts the device manufacturer according to the warranty terms & conditions and arranges for the faulty element to be fixed. He then returns onsite to install the repaired device in the client’s AV system.

7. Reporting

All information regarding the particular fault and its repairs is updated in our service registration system. It can be used in the future for training purposes, but this knowledge is also very useful in AV system modernisation projects in the future. Client Account Manager is informed about the progress of each repair so as they can provide the best client care and make the client feel well looked after.

A+V engineers discuss all upcoming tasks and repairs during a regular team meeting. It is also a great opportunity to summarise all jobs completed in the past week, to share our knowledge and experiences, and to communicate client’s feedback with the team and all other A+V departments.


During a standard day in the life of A+V teams, we remember about keeping fantastic atmosphere in the office and friendly teamwork. Our staff can dine together in the canteen, celebrate their birthday with a piece of cake, or play a tournament in our gameroom.

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