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A+V also cares for the planet!

2022 | june

A+V also cares for the planet!

Here at A+V, protecting environment is very important to us. Over the years we have implemented a number of procedures, aiming at reduction of the negative impact of our operational activities on the planet. We consider various sustainability aspects when making key decisions, establishing internal processes and procedures.

When selecting properties for our offices in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Cracov, we focused on buildings with official LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and BREEAM  (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) certificate – these are internationally recognised green standards for buildings in all stages of its life cycle.

The location of our offices has also been thought through from the sustainability perspective. A+V offices are located close to train, tram or metro stations – this allows our Staff to commute on public transport and reduce their individual carbon footprint.

In order to limit energy intake in A+V offices, we introduced automation and meeting rooms management system. Thanks to presence sensors, all AV devices automatically switch off when meeting participants leave the room. The system also turns off all lamps and office devices on premises at a set time.

Waste management is another important aspect of our operation. There are recycling bins in our kitchens, together with educational posters and instructions. We also reduce our use of plastic bottles and its transport by encouraging staff to use water filter flasks instead.

A+V implemented electronic document management process. Invoices, HR documentation, contracts and orders are all issued and processed electronically. We have asked our distributors, contractors and clients to cooperate with us in the same way and go paperless.

Due to our specific business operations we are not able to eliminate cars – these are often necessary to transport our teams and equipment to clients’ offices in various regions of Poland and Europe. Our goal, however, was to reduce the amount of vehicles. Our Staff share the current fleet and book a car in a company calendar when needed.

Project management process in A+V considers our impact on the environment. Our project managers plan work in such a way, to service a higher number of locations in the same region in one trip. During implementation of each project our teams adhere to our waste management policy. All carton, plastics and metal elements from the installation, are being segregated and recycled correctly. Our logistics team also aims at reducing any negative impact on the environment – all deliveries and orders are planned in batches to utilise less transport slots.

Equipment that is no longer fit to be used, is being donated to organisations that are able to re-use it or are specialising in appropriate recycling.

To celebrate the World Environment Day we have joined “Odn@wiamy” initiative. We gather unwanted devices from our offices and encourage our clients and partners to do the same. All collected equipment is given to the organisation, which then shares it with educational establishments for children and teenagers. Devices that cannot be re-used or fixed, are recycled according to the EU standard. Find out more about this initiative HERE