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LED screens vs. LCD screens

2020 | july

LED screens vs. LCD screens

LED technology appeared on the market some time ago. But what made it gain such a big advantage over the popular LCD technology so far? We will try to explain the difference between LED and LCD screens.

In the case of LED screens we are dealing with a small light-emitting diode, which needs little current to light.
LCD technology is based on a liquid crystal display, which does not emit light itself. For this purpose, the backlight is used.



With LED technology, the standard brightness starts at 1200 rpm and can reach up to 15,000 rpm.
The standard brightness of LCD monitors is 400 nits and can reach up to several thousand nits for outdoor LCD monitors.


LED screens allow you to build unlimited space without frames and visible divisions between LED modules. Such surface can reach any shape and size.
However, even the so-called “frameless” LCD screens have visible edges. The wall made of such screens has visible divisions between them.

Frequency of refreshing the screens

The refresh rate for LED screens ranges from 1920 Mhz to 3840 Mhz.
The LCD screen refresh rate is about 120 MHz

Life time of the screens

LED – about 10 years
LCD – 2-4 years (after that time they fade and distort the image)


LED screens are easy to repair. Just replace the damaged part with burnt pixels. Replacing a single die takes several minutes.
If the pixels in the LCD screen are damaged, there is no possibility of repair. You have to replace the whole screen.

Colour palette mapping

LED – NTSC = 95%
LCD – NTSC – 80%



To sum up, the use of LEDs in LED matrices results in lower power consumption with more than 3 times higher brightness. LED matrices allow to create screens of any size and shape. What’s more, LEDs allow for better black reproduction, which is not possible with LCD screens. The lifetime of the screens is also worth emphasizing – here, once again, LED is the top priority.

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