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LED from Samsung's IER series

Eye-catching and space-enhancing

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Invest in technology that no one can ignore!

The LED screen from Samsung’s IER series provides a clear and accurate image presentation. In addition, with its easier installation and affordable price, it is a cost-effective solution that offers great possibilities.

In our special offer you will find the LH015IERKLS/EN model, which has the following physical parameters:

pixel spacing 1.5mm 
pixel configuration 640×360 
LED type 3-in-1 1010

This Samsung LED display will work well in both: commercial and business spaces. From museums to shopping malls, to your office reception area.

Why invest in Samsung LED Screen with A+V?

We guarantee that currently you will not find this solution on the market at a lower price than with us! If you would like to invest in modern technology, and at the same time do not want to overpay – then you cannot miss this opportunity!

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What makes this model stand out?


  • high contrast
  • no visible frames
  • customizable screen size
  • noiseless operation
  • low depth, possibility of wall mounting
  • 24/7 operation

What are the benefits of the LED IER series from Samsung?

  1. Captivate potential customers

    Samsung’s IER series LED displays deliver stunning picture quality at a cost-efficient price point. These displays can be custom-fit for the specific space requirements, giving customers a more immersive experience.

  2. Easier, cost-saving installation

    The IER series supports two cabinet types. One version features a larger, lighter screen compared to conventional cabinets, simplifying installation. The other is a quarter of the size and provides more flexibility in design.

  3. Flexible design

    The IER series’  advenced design provides flexibility for any indoor retail or other business environment. With support of portrait and landscape orientation – and even curved and L-shaped installations, content can be displayed to meet the preferred layout for any store location.

  4. Clearly refined visuals

    LED HDR leverages advanced refinement technologies for true-to-life picture presentation. Dynamic Peaking and Inverse Tone Mapping enhance content to optimum peak brightness  levels with improved contrast and without shine, and in-depth Colour Mapping  ensures and accurate expression of colours.

  5. Accurate colour in low brightness arenas

    Conventional LED displays struggle to present red, green and blue colour hues accurately in low grayscale settings. The IER series overcomes these challenges through a unique algorithm that maintains R/G/B gradation and delivers precise, detail-rich hues in low-brightness indoor environments.

  6. Fine-tuned uniformity

    Rigorous factory calibration and real-time DSLR camera sub-pixel calibration fine-tune all sub-pixels for uniform brightness and colour chromaticity. When coupled with the Samsung LED Signage Manager’s advanced picture settings, this enhanced treatment produces an excellent presentation.

  7. Streamlined UHD content delivery

    Samsung’s compatible S-Box condenses the delivery of compelling content to a single, centralised device. The S-Box transmits UHD content across multiple IER series displays without requiring external boxes or splitters, helping businesses enjoy faster and more cost-efficient operations.

  8. Manage content and devices anywhere

    Compatibility with the MagicINFO platform enables IER series users to create, schedule and deploy content across an entire signage network. Users likewise can monitor and adjust display settings and troubleshoot potential performance issues from any location via remote access.

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