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A Decade of Change: 10 Years of A+V from the perspective of CEO, Jaroslaw Kolcun

2023 | october

A Decade of Change: 10 Years of A+V from the perspective of CEO, Jaroslaw Kolcun

This year, A+V is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The company is celebrating a decade full of transformations, challenges and valuable experiences. To mark the occasion, A+V marketing specialist Joanna speaks with Jaroslaw Kolcun, the company’s CEO, about the path the organisation has gone through, as well as the lessons he himself has learned during this time.


Interviewer: Jarek, a decade on the market is a very good result! However, everyone started somewhere, and as far as I know, A+V has gone through a beautiful path: from a small start-up to an efficiently operating organisation. What were the most important challenges you faced in the early days of the company?

Jaroslaw Kolcun: Actually, this 10th anniversary is a perfect time to stop and appreciate the journey we have had so far. At the beginning, one of the biggest challenges was capital control. We had to build relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, negotiate payment terms and manage cash flow to maintain financial liquidity. We invested all earnings back into the company and this ultimately allowed us to execute contracts and grow.

We also took on large contracts from the very beginning, which had its own operational challenges with the small team we had. We developed internal structure and job scopes, which improved the effectiveness of our work and enabled scalability.


Interviewer: And which moments in the history of the company’s operation contributed to its success? Can you point out the most important turning points from your perspective?

J.K.: Definitely the first large public sector contracts we won in the very first months of operation, as well as successful implementations that brought us good financial results and recognition in the industry. Winning prestigious office implementations and acquiring recognizable corporate clients were also of great importance.

Commencing work on european projects and delivering AV systems in various european cities allowed us to enter the market of global integrators.

All of this would not have had a chance to succeed, if not for the tremendous commitment of the people who have been with us from the beginning. I am also proud that these people are still with us today.

It is worth adding that such rapid development would not have been possible without the support of my loved ones. My wife, Joanna, understood my aspirations and I could always count on her help. Thanks to her, I was able to commit myself to the company’s development  with a clear mind.

Interviewer: What are the three most important lessons you have learned from managing your company over the past 10 years?

J.K.: First: you have to be bold and take initiative. Second: a proactive attitude is essential, to always be one step ahead of the competition. And third: honesty and transparency in business are priceless values.

Interviewer: How has the company’s culture changed over these 10 years?

J.K.: Although the company has evolved, our organisational culture has remained the same. Our clients and our team are still the most important to us. Values such as professionalism, ambition, high work ethics, loyalty, a sense of teamwork and a common goal are key for us. I truly appreciate having a specialised, creative team.

Interviewer: How do you build relationships with the company’s employees?

J.K.: I am committed to have a good relationship with all employees. My door is always open and anyone, regardless of their position, can express their opinions directly to me. I believe that open communication is the foundation of a healthy corporate culture.

Interviewer: What is your vision for the company’s development over the next 10 years?

J.K.: In the next 5 years, we want to build the company on a strong foundation, digitalising processes and growing our business. After that, our goal is to become a company with a global operational reach, consistently moving towards international growth.

Interviewer: If you had to give one piece of advice to yourself from ten years ago, what would it be?

J.K.: I would say: “Don’t stop, just act.” Today, having a trusted team, I can look to the future with confidence, and I am glad that the stress level is much lower than at the beginning of our journey. However, I make no secret of the fact that, in retrospect, I know that I could have taken risks and trusted my intuition more on some occasions. This is a valuable lesson for me for the future.

Interviewer: Where do you get your inspiration from?

J.K.: First of all, I love talking to people and they are a source of inspiration for me. It also often happens that a seemingly ordinary conversation completely changes my perspective. Sometimes a breakthrough idea comes to me in a dream. I read a lot, listen to podcasts, and if I have an opportunity, I listen to webinars and attend training sessions.  As a result, I come back with a head full of inspiration from all events I attend.