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A+V and Samsung Conference in the Warsaw showroom

2023 | april

A+V and Samsung Conference in the Warsaw showroom

A+V’s daily life is not only about projects and providing optimal solutions for education, business or public institutions. It’s also about relationships with our customers and business partners. It is on strong, professional relationships that our cooperation is based, and it is thanks to them, with the support of our partners, that we are able to take actions that really change reality for the better and result in increasing the quality of service provided to our clients.


For us, meetings (especially in-person ones) are an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, as well as a huge dose of inspiration. That is why on March 23rd we invited representatives of the business world, universities and public institutions to an intimate event we organized in Warsaw in cooperation with Samsung. It was an event focused on sharing knowledge about audio-visual solutions, strengthening mutual relations, and exploring new opportunities.

The first part, the substantive conference, took place in the showroom of our partner, Samsung.


Guests from the education sector attended a workshop on the expected directions of digital transformation at universities, as well as the opportunities and challenges that the technological revolution presents to education.

Participants were also able to learn about various methods of optimizing purchasing and cost management of AV infrastructure at the university – these issues initiated very interesting discussions among our guests. It turned out that although each university has slightly different ways of adapting to the new hybrid reality, they face similar problems. Representatives of the universities agreed that the biggest challenge at the moment remains the need for a consistent procedure for implementing AV systems, as well as the development of standards that will allow for smooth key decision-making.


Our guests also saw audio-visual solutions that make the gaining of knowledge and information at the university more attractive with:

  • teleconferencing systems using the Microsoft Teams Rooms platform that enable teamwork regardless of location,
  • virtual or hybrid lecture halls,
  • information systems that provide students and employees with the information they need in the right place, at the right time and in an attractive form.


Representatives of the business world had a “live” opportunity to learn about multimedia solutions that support a flexible workplace and enhance teamwork in hybrid conditions. Together, we were also able to see the inspiration behind the latest LED technologies and interactive tools such as Samsung Flip. Participants learned:

  • what to look for in the context of modern conference rooms,
  • what the standard based on the Microsoft Teams Rooms solution gives us,
  • how we can create an office AV standard,
  • what elements to consider when planning AV infrastructure or upgrading it.



After the formal part, we moved to CookStory by Samsung, where we continued to build our business relationships in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. Cooking a delicious Italian-style dinner, together with friendly discussions, created great environment for exchange of experiences between representatives of the academic community and employees of multinational corporations. This evening allowed us to learn our guests’ views on a wide variety of topics, far beyond technology or business.

Our guests had the opportunity to see that AV matters can and should be approached holistically, and that modern technological solutions have great potential to change hybrid reality into a more friendly and natural one. Thanks to this meeting, both sides learned extremely valuable lessons for the future. After all, it’s often the less formal talks that show us the environment in which our customers operate in on daily basis. What emerges from these less formal stories is a picture of the real needs, as well as the challenges and problems they face in their daily professional duties.

After the event, our heads are full of new ideas, and we are pleased that our guests are now looking at some audio-visual topics from a completely new perspective. We are also very pleased that participants found the event valuable from the content and experience perspective. Based on the feedback we have received, it seems that the tips and inspirations shared during the meeting have found their way into reality – we’re looking forward to these joint audio-visual projects in the future.

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And below a few shots from CookStory. Just for fun!