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QVC, the operator of a TV shopping channel, is a globally recognised brand. For more than 30 years, it has served millions of its customers, abiding by the principles that are reflected in its name: quality, value and convenience. For such a large global company with many offices and branches around the world, reliable legal, accounting and IT support is essential, and this capability is to be provided by the firm’s newly opened office in the centre of Kraków. Our task was to equip the facility with AV technologies that would not enable the firm not only to run its operations smoothly, but also to to in touch its its branches around the globe.


Designing an AV system for a corporate client is always a tricky job. As well as meeting all standards applicable at the company locations around the world, the system must also be adapted to the specific nature of the new office and its new functions. Following a careful analysis of these standards, as well as taking into account the new requirements of the client’s Kraków-based branch, we have managed to achieve this objective.
At the QVC headquarters, we have installed AV systems in dozens of different office spaces. These ranged from simple meeting rooms equipped only with a single connection and a large-format monitor, to conference rooms, video conference rooms, training rooms, a lobby, as well as kitchens and break rooms.
The image presentation system in these spaces is based on high quality monitors and NEC projectors. We used Barco’s Click Share solution for wireless collaboration. All signals in the system are transmitted using Crestron’s patented HDBaseT – DigitalMedia technology for digital, lossless and long-distance transmission.
The simple and functional sound system is based on ceiling-mounted speaker sets. They are complemented by ceiling-mounted Microflex microphones from Shure MX910 placed in video conference rooms and wireless hand-held microphones in training rooms.
In this project, we used the Crestron central control system. This effective and reliable central unit connected to wired and wireless touch panels creates a complete solution which allows conference spaces to be managed in a simple and intuitive manner. In rooms without the control system, the sources are switched automatically.
The AV systems are accompanied by a Digital Signage system, consisting not only of individual monitors, but also of two video walls. The system covers the main circulation spaces within the office building.
In addition to designing a system that meets both the client’s requirements and corporate standards, a major challenge we faced when creating the office and conference space for the QVC headquarters was the short implementation time. We managed to deliver on the tight schedule thanks to careful planning of our work and supplies and having an experienced Project Manager and our best programmers on the job.


Creating AV systems for conference spaces in corporations is a demanding task. Apparently similar, such rooms differ significantly, depending on the standard a company has adapted. However, all our projects of this kind have something in common – high quality of devices and reliability of the system as a whole. This is a standard that our company has elaborated and which we develop with every project.