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Creating one of the largest hotel congress centres in Poland is certainly a major challenge and can generate many difficulties. To successfully carry out a project of this magnitude, there is a need for an effective team of people who not only have knowledge and experience, but also a similar vision. Our team did the job with flying colours.


This interesting audiovisual project included a divisible ballroom, conference, training rooms and board rooms.

The main ballroom, which can seat up to 600 peopleand it is distinguished by its unusual design, required custom solutions. The hall has been equipped with motorised projector lifts and built-in screens for four large-format projections. The sound system we have installed, based on high-quality ceiling sound system, successfully mitigated the adverse effect of the challenging room acoustics. With the use of Crestron DigitalMedia matrices, DSP audio processors and other switching components, the system is a fully functional system  compatible with the most modern multimedia sources. An integrated control system is based on wireless touch panels and enables   management of AV devices in the space and the room’s dimming system. In addition, with the signal connection system, the room’s technology can be expanded depending on the event type and organiser’s requirements. Arranging a business training on one day, and a sumptuous ball on the next – is no longer a challenge from the AV perspective.


The conference and training rooms are also equipped with large-format projection systems, high-quality sound systems and integrated control systems, including for dimming control. The system will efficiently support typical conference meetings, providing users with modern conference sources and a signal connection system.


The project also included equipping the meeting rooms with basic multimedia sets. LCD TVs installed here, a multi-channel sound system and integrated control system perhaps were not a major technical challenge. However, please have a look at the photo gallery – isn’t the design unique?


Details: http://www.haston.pl/centrum-konferencyjne


The investment in multimedia, an aspect so often overlooked by porganisations, brought a payback for Haston a long time ago. Today, this unique facility not only generates returns, but also increases the attractiveness of Wrocław – a city which aspires to organise such events as world championships, EU congresses and the largest business and entertainment events.