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Rooms for video meetings, video sales and video training

These days, the organisation of remote meetings using video conferencing, content-sharing and document collaboration solutions is commonplace. Just turn any conference room into a video conferencing room, and start a video call with any number of participants by pressing one button. Learn more about video conferencing software: ZOOM ROOM, TEAMS ROOM, HANGOUTS ROOM, WEBEX ROOM.

The challenges of today:

  • no time for meetings with the physical presence of all invited guests
  • late arrival to meetings due to difficulties with transportation or finding a parking site
  • travel expenses, especially when organising a meeting for guests from remote locations
  • loss of clients who do not have time to meet face to face
  • a digital revolution that makes telecommuting possible.


Just choose a ready-made solution: Zoom Room, Teams Room, Hangouts Room or Webex Room – a video conferencing solution for small, medium or large rooms. In this way, you will:

  • schedule a video call using your business calendar
  • invite people from inside or outside your organization
  • start a video call by pressing one button
  • the invited participants will not need to install any additional software to join the video meeting: all they have to do is to open a link from the invitation in their web browser
  • during the video meeting, the participants will be able to talk freely, answer questions, share files and computer screens, and edit documents together
  • if necessary, the meeting can be recorded and played back at any other time.


How to set up a video conference room in the office?


  • 1

    Select the solution

    At this stage, our advisors will analyse the size and layout of the conference room, and advise you on choosing the right video conferencing technology – Microsoft Tems, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, etc. – to suit your needs or the applicable corporate standard.

  • 2

    Select the financing option

    You can finance your video conference room from the capex budget as a purchase of equipment and services, or from the opex budget as leasing or long-term rental with monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

  • 3


    It will take only one day for our engineers to deploy the video conference system whose operation will not require knowledge of technology or training.


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