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A+V Fundraising Success!

2022 | february

A+V Fundraising Success!

Back in December we decided to support a charity that is close to our hearts. There is a lot of such organisations so we decided to organise a team vote to make a collective decision and choose one initiative that we would be supporting in the next 12 months.

The decision was to support a 10-year-old Adam who suffers from autism. All collections would be donated to a charity that organises rehabilitation and specialist therapy for Adam and helps to secure the required treatments. We wanted Adam to start seeing and understanding the world as we do.

We organised a fundraising activity on Facebook and promoted it on various channels internally and externally for a few weeks.

Thanks to the generosity of our team, clients and partners we donated 6 000 PLN to Adam’s support account.

Thank you for all your donations!

If you want to help Adam more, please visit siępomaga.pl.