Emigration Museum, Gdynia

Muzeum Emigracji - globus
2018 Gdynia

When designing the AV system for the Emigration Museum, we knew that we had to venture off the beaten path. The sheer scale of the project and extraordinary designs required the use of unusual solutio...

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Savills Office, Warsaw

recepcja savills
2018 Warszawa

In the Savills new headquarters, we wanted to create a perfect place for modern business in every aspect: from office work and business conferences, through informal meetings with clients and corporat...

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Theatre Muzeum in Wrocław

2018 Wrocław

When designing museum installations, usually the key challenge is to transmit knowledge in an attractive and interesting way. In the case of the Theatre Museum, the task turned out to be even more com...

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WISS – Fire Fighting Vehicles

DSC_6151_1 3

The WISS vehicle is distinctive by its integration with AV and control systems. For example, its hydraulic mechanism allows a stationary vehicle interior to be expanded to have a larger useful open ar...

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QVC Global Centre of Business Services


Designing an AV system for a corporate client is always a tricky job. As well as meeting all standards applicable at the company locations around the world, the system must also be adapted to the spec...

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Events and Concert Arena in Koziegłowy

sala widowiskowa
2017 Koziegłowy

The electroacoustic system became the main component of the room’s equipment. Carefully selected devices of renowned manufacturers ensure superior sound quality and ultimate functionality. The system’...

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Home Army Museum

2016 Kraków

According to an adopted historical scenario, the modern exhibition has been enriched with multimedia systems and divided into themed exhibition spaces. Outlined below are, what we believe to be, the m...

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Polonia 3D Cinema in Trzebinica

2016 Trzebnica

We installed a total of three projection screens in the hall. One is a rear projection screen with a 5.5 metre base, mostly used for conferences. The second is a motorised drop-down screen with a base...

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Heron Live Hotel

2016 Sienna

The task was to create dedicated AV systems for nine conference rooms, a banquet hall, a restaurant, a fitness club, a disco room, a cinema room, Sky Bar, reception area and a VIP room. The biggest ch...

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