A + V


There are few visionaries in Poland who are not afraid to take up daring challenges and decisions. Undoubtedly, one such person is the mayor of Pruszcz Gdański, who came up with the idea of creating from scratch a former settlement showing the history of his town from the times when the international trade route ran through it. The task of the A+V team was to design and build installations in two huts so that they were consistent with the nature of buildings from the Roman period, and also to make each visitor want to return to this place once again.


The exhibition includes several stations with large-format displays with touch-screen technology and a local directional sound system, where visitors can learn in detail about the monument presented in a digitalized form by means of dedicated applications. In the central part of the room, there is a table with a large-format display with touch-screen technology with an application coupled with a virtual map. The system is accompanied by a large-format audio-video projection. For those interested in the history of this place, there are also state-of-the-art computer workstations with touch screens by means of which you can deepen your knowledge about this place. The tour culminates in a spectacular multimedia show, in which we use devices available in the system to display the image (projection, displays), as well as a surround sound system and effect system (lighting, smoke machines).  The show lasts several minutes and is controlled by Watchout software and Crestron’s integrated control system.

The system also includes a conference function, during which the User can connect to the system via floor connectors and present the image on a large-format screen. The User can access the microphones and touch panels of the control system, offering ready-made macroprograms and switching between functions at the touch of a button.

In the Exhibition Hall, we placed a set of large-format displays and took care of the proper sound system for the facility.

W systemie przewidziano również funkcję konferencyjną, podczas której, za pomocą przyłączy podłogowych Użytkownik ma możliwość podłączenia się do systemu i prezentacji obrazu na wielkoformatowej projekcji. Do dyspozycji Użytkownika są mikrofony oraz panele dotykowe systemu sterowanie, oferujące gotowe makroprogramy i przełączanie pomiędzy funkcjonalnościami za pomocą jednego przycisku.

W Hali Targowej umieściliśmy zestaw monitorów wielkoformatowych i zadbaliśmy o prawidłowe nagłośnienie obiektu.


Museums are our passion. Without false modesty, we can say that we are one of few companies in Poland that is able to implement a multimedia museum comprehensively from A to Z.

If you are at the Polish seaside, we recommend visiting Pruszcz Gdański, if only for the sake of this multimedia show, which can be viewed in one of the huts we equipped.