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Sports clubs worldwide are closely tied to personal stories of players, fans and local communities. They reflect social triumphs and downfalls, economic storms, and political turmoil. Exhibitions showcasing the history of sports clubs are more than just a collection of artifacts or trophies.


The Śląsk Wrocław Museum was created to tell the stories of individuals associated with the club, as well as those involved in its development, their families, and fans. It also aims to reflect the transformations occurring in Wrocław and its surroundings.


As the general contractor, we comprehensively delivered the project of the Museum of Śląsk Wrocław. We designed it from scratch, taking on all construction aspects, finishing works, technologies, and building installations. We constructed the interior of the building that currently houses the exhibition. Our next challenge was to bring the exhibition to life. We designed and built the entire space. Project involved historical consultations, creating the scenography and tour script, writing texts, acquiring and selecting archive materials (including photographs and films), designing and implementing all multimedia installations, and producing content, including graphic design, printing, and creating audio, video, and animation recordings.


We designed and constructed the facility from scratch, including the walls and necessary technical infrastructure such as a kitchen for on-site catering requirements. In the Sports Bar, we installed multimedia equipment such as a sound system, monitors scattered throughout the bar space, and a large video wall for visitors to follow sports events broadcasted on television. Additionally, a separate area of the sports bar can host private meetings or small banquets.


Our team, consisting of many fans of Śląsk Wrocław, as well as enthusiasts of Wrocław and its surroundings, had personal expectations and visions that we were eager to fulfill. We aimed to create a place that would be appealing to all visitors, not just fans, who want to gain a better understanding of the history of Wrocław and its residents.




To meet the client’s requirements, we decided to use state-of-the-art multimedia equipment and audio-visual systems. These tools were crucial for a dynamic showcase of the most significant moments in the club’s history. We created an exhibition that enthralls visitors from the moment they step inside, taking them on an unforgettable journey through the history of WKS Śląsk Wrocław. In addition, we used a three-dimensional ball as a screen to display football emotions. The museum showcases models of the venues where WKS played and exhibits related to the club. A multimedia installation allows visitors to view archive videos and listen to interviews conducted especially for the exhibition. These interviews include club legends like Janusz Sybis, Ryszard Tarasiewicz, and Władysław Żmuda, as well as more contemporary players such as Piotr Celeban and Mariusz Pawelec. Visitors can also discover club-related artifacts such as trophies, t-shirts worn by club legends, documents, and archive photos. An exciting feature is a photo booth, where visitors can take souvenir photos and instantly send them to their email address.

We have collaborated with our long-standing and trusted subcontractors. As the general contractor, we oversaw every aspect of the implementation to ensure that the exhibition operated smoothly and provided visitors with the best experiences at the Śląsk Wrocław Museum. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the entire history of the sports club, including moments that could have been forgotten. Additionally, the museum space contains many curiosities related to Wrocław. The exhibition is organized chronologically, following the path of the club’s and Wrocław’s history.

It includes:

We also designed an interactive activity zone for younger visitors and a sports bar for adults.

In addition, we took care of the entrance area, the ticket counters, and even the restrooms.


What attractions await visitors on-site?


Sports Emotions powered by Multimedia

The museum is “alive” with the highest quality projectors from Optoma, multimedia screens from Iiyama and Samsung, and a smooth AV management system that ties everything together.


Match Atmosphere and Loud Support

Recreating the legendary match atmosphere will be an interesting attraction for Śląsk Wrocław fans. Additionally, visitors will be able to enjoy the passionate support that echoes from every corner of the museum. Both the Museum and the Sports Bar utilized speakers from Biamp. Visitors can listen to interviews at each station using the headphones provided.


The Ball is in Play!

One of the most intriguing features of the museum is a football that “comes to life”. It consists of a half-sphere screen with a projector placed at the back, which captivates visitors’ attention. This fascinating effect was made possible by an Optoma projector that was specially designed for 360-degree projections. The fan experience is further enhanced by two Biamp on-screen speakers.


Sports Bar, Activity Zone, and Fun for the Youngest

The Śląsk Wrocław Museum offers more than just audio-visual experiences.

It also features a Sports Bar where visitors can enjoy a delicious meal and a beer from Stu Mostów Brewery, as well as a dedicated fan zone where sports emotions gain a whole new dimension. The Samsung video wall and Biamp sound system allow for a truly immersive experience when watching sports broadcasts in a tiered seating area with comfortable couches and beanbags. Additionally, there is an activity zone for children to enjoy.


The Museum of Śląsk Wrocław showcases the key elements, figures, and events associated with the Śląsk Wrocław Football Club. The exhibition comprises physical exhibits and multimedia materials, including player and coach interviews, match recordings, and presentations of stadiums and match atmospheres.  Modern audio-visual systems make the content more attractive and enhance the visitors’ experience.

The museum has become a popular destination on Wrocław’s tourist map, drawing football enthusiasts and those interested in the city’s history alike. The exhibition combines tradition with modern technologies to convey the rich history of Śląsk Wrocław in an exciting way. The museum skillfully blends memories of the club with the history of the city and its residents. It has become a place that ‘lives’ and speaks to the hearts of visitors. The Śląsk Wrocław Museum, along with its Sports Bar, activity, and fan zones, offers a complete range of experiences. Visitors can enjoy sports, social interactions, and cultural experiences all in one place. We are delighted that, together with the investor and all engaged partners, we were able to create a venue that can be compared to European top museums, such as the Juventus Museum in Turin.