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How to create a training and conference center that will stand out against other facilities of this type? The answer lies in the details, or more precisely in the multimedia. Giving the User a state-of-the-art multimedia system and integrated control, characterized by high functionality and flexibility, can make a difference.


The scope of the project included an auditorium, a shared conference room and corridors. In the representative auditorium you will find, among others, a large-format projection with the possibility of previewing the image with a high-resolution PTZ camera, high quality sound system, simultaneous interpretation, FX lighting and room blackout control.

The shared conference room will efficiently support typical conference meetings, providing Users with a projection system and sound system, including a discussion system to organize the progress of the meeting. Thanks to integrating all rooms with a single Crestron DigitalMedia digital matrix and a Yamaha digital console, the system can be individually configured for specific requirements. In addition, an advanced digital GPU used in the system can increase the attractiveness of the projection by means of real-time image processing. Can you display a presentation on a 7-meter long home screen and at the same time a window with a preview of a lecturer and an editable text field, such as a field with his/her name on it? Can you also transmit a live multimedia signal to the Internet and to DigitalSignage displays on site? Not a problem, it can be configured in seconds using intuitive graphics applications on Crestron’s integrated control system touch panels.

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A well-thought-out design and efficient implementation by a qualified team cooperating with the User – a formula for the implementation of an investment of unparalleled quality in the region or even in the country.