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Equipping the Shell Energy Campus office complex in Kraków is a project we started for Shell in 2016 in the “Kraków Technology Park” special economic zone. The assignment was completed in February 2019, and the last building of the complex was formally opened in March 2019.

The centre comprises five buildings, which are among the most modern office facilities in the country. They were gradually equipped with AV systems and placed in service. Our specialists implemented AV systems for various purposes in office and amenity areas of nearly 40 thousand sqm in total. The Kraków Shell Business Operations complex is an advanced business centre supporting finance, procurement, logistics and IT operations for the entire corporation. It is one of Shell’s five global operating centres.

Shell Business Operations in Kraków employs more than 3.8 thousand specialists representing 50 nationalities and working in 20 languages. They deal with such area as financial support, procurement, logistics and service provision for the large, international organisation. The solutions we implemented have an impact on the business development of the entire corporation, which globally provides jobs to 93,000 employees in over 70 countries around the world.

Work on such diverse projects with a wide range of service in many business areas requires the provision of innovative solutions to facilitate the firm’s processes and day-to-day activities. For this reason, A+V not only took up the challenge of deploying the AV system across the campus, but also used the experience gained in this project to upgrade the AV solutions standard at all Shell business centres in the world.

Our client considered it important for the AV system in the new facility to be based on a high-quality internal technological standard, while providing tangible benefits to the business. The key objective, determined during consultations and workshops with the client, was to increase work efficiency and create attractive workspaces as an added value expected by the HR department. Given the importance of the tasks performed by employees, a high premium was also placed on ensuring reliability and security of the AV system.

Description of solutions

As a result, we designed and implemented modern and stable audiovisual systems in such spaces as conference rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes, lobbies and customer areas, canteens, town halls, game rooms and open spaces.

Our designers came up the right equipment and software adapted to the individual working needs in each space. All was designed to ensure harmonised, intuitive and fully automatic operation throughout the campus. In addition to the automatic mode, in larger spaces users can also manage the system by means of control keyboards and touch panels, whose graphical user interface was designed in accordance with Shell’s corporate visual identity standard.
Conference rooms, video conference rooms and design rooms were equipped with several hundred monitors of various sizes, sound systems, wireless AV transmission systems and video conferencing units.
Projection and sound systems were deployed in the restaurants and town halls, equipped with wireless microphones for speakers.

The Digital Signage system was implemented across the campus. Large format information screens were placed in spaces such as energy hubs, reception areas and restaurants. The displays of the Digital Signage system present customised information and multimedia content dedicated to the particular space. Live content can be streamed from the streaming system and licenced satellite television programmes can be displayed.
The streaming system can be used to record and transmit important conferences and events taking place in town halls.

The system we designed has a modular architecture, so its functionality can be adapted to the changing requirements of the future working environment.


A+V provided comprehensive audiovisual systems – it designed, delivered and deployed devices, instructed and trained employees, and currently provides equipment and software warranty service under an SLA. The developer and general contractor of the buildings where AV systems were implemented was the BUMA Group from Kraków.