A + V


Savills is a global real estate services provider. Over a hundred years of experience, expertise and a high customer service standard have transformed them from a small family business into one of the largest companies in the industry, operating  in various locations all over the world. When designing AV systems for the Savills head office in the Q22 building in Warsaw, we were aware of the client’s high expectations and the fact, that the headquarters of the company that trades office space as a business, will be their best showpiece. For this reason, our task was to create a modern audiovisual infrastructure that would support staff activities and impress contractors at the same time. Even though the bar was set high, the client’s professionalism made the assignment a pure pleasure.


In the Savills new headquarters, we wanted to create a perfect place for modern business in every aspect: from office work and business conferences, through informal meetings with clients and corporate events, finishing with a space for relaxation. Hence we designed a smart space that would keep abreast with the pace of work in the company.


The space includes a total of eight different meeting  and conference rooms of various sizes, as well as a reception area and a waiting room, which we have equipped with Sony screens for the highest image quality. The conference rooms have been equipped with Crestron table connectors with retractors: they are used to automatically wind the cables back to the mediaport after the presentation. In addition, the AirMedia AM 101 system by Crestron has been installed in the CEO’s office and in the whiskey room, to enable wireless presentation management. Thanks to the automatic connection and configuration with the laptop, the system helps minimise the time needed to prepare for a presentation. In addition, the main conference room has been equipped with a 75” touch screen and control system based on an iPad in the docking station. The design also enables using the combined conference rooms as one large room, accommodating approximately 24 people. This is possible thanks to the DMPS switching system and the room division sensor, which reacts to the removal of the partition wall and automatically integrates the AV system for both rooms. Two-zone sound system was used in the divisible space – it can operate on a combined or stand-alone basis. All conference rooms have been equipped with a conference room reservation system, operated from Crestron touch panels mounted at the door.


Another area that was equally important to the client as the conference rooms, was the flexible networking space, which could be adapted to the employees’ current needs.  A space usually used for working can be quickly transformed into a venue for corporate events. This is possible not only thanks to the movable partition wall (which allows this area to be combined with the dining space), but also thanks to a modern audio-visual system. Excellent presentation quality is ensured by the Sony projector casting the image on the Kauber screen retractable from the ceiling, as well as by the Crestron sound system. All HDMI connections are hidden in an elegant wall cabinet.


We are fully-aware of the importance of an appropriate space when it comes to the successful functioning of a company. We also understand that at times everything your team needs to perform at their best, is to provide them with the right tools. Although it is  not easy to satisfy the needs of such a large demanding firm, we believe we have achieved this task with flying colours.