A + V


The rich history of the Polonia cinema in Trzebnica (near Wroclaw, Poland) dates back to 1931. Since then, it has been upgraded many times and moved to different buildings. Currently, the cinema is a part of the Trzebnica Centre of Sports and Culture, whose role is to promote social inclusion of the youngest and the oldest residents of Trzebnica and the surrounding area. Now, thanks to the efforts of A+V team and other project participants,  the facility has modern AV equipment in the cinema hall and the adjacent conference and banquet room.

The main challenge we faced in this project was to create a multifunctional cinema room that would fulfil a number of requirements of various stakeholders and potential customers. In addition to having the function of a professional 3D digital cinema, the hall was also to be used for conferences, theatre performances, concerts, as well as meetings of residents with the city authorities. With so many functions to consider, we had to use well-considered technical solutions.


We installed a total of three projection screens in the hall. One is a rear projection screen with a 5.5 metre base, mostly used for conferences. The second is a motorised drop-down screen with a base of 10 metres with perforation. Looking for wise savings, we decided to utilise the 10-metre automatic drop-down projection screen already existing in the room as a third screen (for horizontal projections). Today panoramic horizontal projection is used as a scenery for theatre performances. Image is managed and distributed by means of the Crestron DigitalMedia matrix.
Due to the fact that the hall was to be used not only for films and presentations, but also for concerts and theatre performances, appropriate stage lighting was an essential part of the system. In addition to the zone lighting, typically used for projection rooms, we used a stage lighting system, including LED theatre spotlights, follow spots, RGBW and PAR. The system is complemented with LED strips, strobe lights, a smoke machine and six professional spotlights with movable heads for flexible light modelling. The sources of effect lighting were placed on moving elements of the stage machinery, which allows them to be lowered towards the stage, ensuring unobstructed access to those devices. Understandably, we also provided appropriate management & control function for the system.

Our next challenge was to design and launch the sound system. Due to the specific nature of the room, we decided to provide a stand-alone cinema sound system. Digital projection, fully compatible with the DCI standard, is accompanied by high-quality sound system, which amply satisfies today’s Dolby and DTS format requirements with regards to high sound dynamics. With respect to stage and conference sound system, we decided to choose Community speaker devices as well as Dynacord amplifiers and a speaker processor. The sound transmission between the stagebox on stage and a Yamaha digital console in the technical room, takes place using the Dante digital standard which offers the highest quality audio and configuration flexibility.

The entire AV system is controlled using an advanced technical room at the back of the multifunctional hall. Intuitive touch panels allow technical services to control all system components, including lighting, stage curtain and projection. They can also be used to activate pre-configured scenes to fit specific events. The Yamaha console and DMX controller with a monitor are used to support the biggest shows in the hall.

Even though the system is highly complex, its operation is extremely simple. You just need become familiar with the user-friendly, graphic app to be able to control all devices using one touch panel.
Leszek Borsuk, technical crew

The last part of our project was focused on the conference space adjacent to the cinema room. We have equipped it with two high-quality projection sets complete with a screen and projector, sound system and lighting control. This simple solution proved to work perfectly in the small space, while meeting all Client requirements.


Trzebnica is a municipality focused on development and innovative projects. The modern events hall increases the attractiveness of the city in the eyes of residents and visitors alike. The AV systems installed there,  standard of which matches that used in large 3D cinemas, can be used for staging theatre performances and organising concerts, which expands the range of cultural offering available to the local residents. Designing such multifunctional spaces is a challenge that we always approach with full professionalism and great pleasure.

Our city’s huge demand for a modern cinema and events hall is best manifested by the unflagging interest that the hall enjoys at present. The project not only benefits the city as such, but also its residents, who are extremely happy that they have a new, comfortable place for cultural meetings so close to their homes.
Marek Długozima, Mayor of the Trzebnica Municipality