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7R is a company that has been active in the real estate industry for 13 years. Currently, it employs over 170 experts, specializing in providing modern and environmentally friendly warehouse and production facilities. Apart from Warsaw, it has branches in Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Sosnowiec, Szczecin, and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our task was to equip the 7R Warsaw office in the Metropolitan building, with a comprehensive audiovisual system that meets the needs of the organisation. This office covers over 1,300 square meters of modernly arranged space. The company operates in a dispersed mode and also carries out projects on an international scope, hence many meetings take place online or in a hybrid mode. The client was keen on ensuring that communication with external partners and among employees was natural, regardless of their location. We proposed equipping the conference rooms with modern devices that comply with the latest trends not only in Poland but also worldwide.


In response to the client’s needs, we implemented a comprehensive audiovisual solution that enables efficient communication and integration of the dispersed team. It includes the following elements:



Thanks to the use of Microsoft Teams Rooms, employees have immediate access to meetings scheduled in the calendar. They can also reserve conference rooms available in the office. The implemented solution is intuitive and easy to operate, allowing users to join a meeting with a single click.


The entire AV system also allows for the use of options offered by artificial intelligence. As a result, noise is muted in the room, and the camera image is appropriately sharp. Intelligent algorithm functions ensure that the system distinguishes noise from sounds that are important for discussion. The potential of AI in video conferencing systems is constantly growing, hence the system we implemented is flexible. This means that in the future, it will be possible to utilize new features without the need to upgrade the system.



The solutions we implemented in the 7R office in Warsaw enabled the organisation to achieve a higher level of efficiency in internal and external communication. The room reservation system and modern audiovisual equipment significantly simplified the hybrid and remote meetings organising process, improving both employee productivity and the quality of collaboration with the company’s business partners. The modern AV infrastructure provided 7R with the tools necessary for effective project management and building natural relationships. Employees emphasize that the solution works very well during company events such as the Christmas party or International Women’s Day. The video conferencing system allows for better team integration, which usually works in a dispersed mode. Thanks to this, employees can communicate freely, share impressions, and strengthen team bonds in a hybrid mode. These aspects are extremely important today, and they have a huge impact on the satisfaction of people working in various modes.