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Design and build contracts always pose a challenge for contractors. On the one hand, we have the client’s open requirements and details of the project: a multi-purpose hall for conferences, theatre performances, concerts and film screenings. On the other hand: we have our know-how, limited budget and, last but not least, competition. How to make it all work together? Hard but not impossible.



The design job was to:

The design phase naturally evolved into the execution phase and construction work. As a result, the user received:

  1. A multi-purpose hall with modern equipment including:
  1. Computer laboratory including:


Was the investment in the multimedia hall in Nowa Ruda, equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment necessary?

It turns out that yes, and that such places are no longer reserved for large agglomerations. Thanks to the bold initiative of the Nowa Ruda Regional Development Agency, the local community and firms of the Kłodzko macro-region may feel inspired by the modern interiors with advanced tools and mulimedia.