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A military project with all its consequences. Great attention to detail, security, separation from classified installations. Extremely demanding selection in the choice of equipment and components.



In order to meet the functional requirements of our Client, the auditorium has been divided into three sections (main, middle and lobby), which can function independently or together after being combined. Due to the multitude of sources and displays, there was used a matrix system of twisted pair distribution and transmission of audio and video signals by Crestron. Also used were twisted-pair USB transmitters by Gefen.

In the main section, there are two professional DLP projectors by Projectiondesign to present images. They project images on two electrically retractable screens, each 500 cm wide. Lecturers operate their computers located in the operator’s room remotely. Additional sources of video are: hard disk player/recorder, Extron TV tuner, two Sony cameras on rotary heads, additional computers connected to the connectors in the room and in the operator’s room.

The image presentation system is accompanied by a sound system based on the devices of such manufacturers as: JBL, Shure, Yamaha (DME digital processor), Genelec, and others.

Two Crestron touch panels are used to control the system. The panels contain software-defined fields (buttons), which are described in three languages (Polish, German and English).

In the middle section, the image is presented using two Sony LCD projectors showing images on electrically retractable screens. The signal sources are the lecturers’ computers and source devices located in the main section. Additional sound system can also be used. A wired Crestron touch panel is used to control the system.

Ceiling speakers have been installed in the lobby to be used when all sections of the auditorium are combined.

For the organization of international meetings, a Bosch discussion and interpretation system has been installed for four languages. 

Conference room

The conference room has a rear projection system. An LCD projector from Sony with a short-focal length lens projects the image onto the rear projection screen. A sound system based on Crestron and JBL devices (speakers mounted in the wall) was used.

A wired Crestron touch panel is used to control the system.


The Corps has gained a modern headquarters from which it manages military missions.

In 2006, NATO decided that in 2007 the Corps would take over the command of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. The Corps is also obliged to take actions pursuant to Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, which means a joint defense against aggression and support for peacekeeping or humanitarian actions within the missions undertaken by NATO.