A + V


Audio-visual systems for conference rooms in head offices of large international businesses are our bread and butter. However, due to our attention to detail, individual approach to each and every project and careful client’s needs analysis, even the simplest installation can become unique.

In this project, our task was to create a complete audio-visual system in the Kaufland Headquarters in Poland, together with a conference rooms control and management system.


Each of the conference rooms in Kaufland HQ has two input sources. A wall connection with permanently connected computer with presentation software installed, allows the user to start a presentation quickly by plugging in an USB drive. A table media port is discretely installed in the table top and allows for connection of any laptop to offer system flexibility requested by the client.

Sound system in this space is based on a high quality professional audio processor. It allows not only for adjustment of the presentation sound to the room characteristics, but also for system extensions, such as wireless microphones sets or video-conferencing systems. Double-channel amplifiers and stylish and discrete ceiling speakers are responsible for audio distribution.

Creation of a personalised control system was the biggest challenge of this project. We decided to use flexible, tested and trialled Crestron solutions. Apart from managing all installed AV devices, this control system has been integrated with an office lighting system to control internal and external blinds.

Elegant touch panels located on the walls enable the audio-visual system switch on/off, selection of the room usage mode (as separate rooms or one combined space) or signal source, by one-click only. The system automatically adjusts the lighting parameters as soon as it is switched on.

Administration panel is used for scheduling automation of the conference rooms system. The system will automatically shut down after working hours, during weekends or holidays. It is also possible to pre-program settings for the upcoming meeting, which allows the organiser to focus on the presentation and avoid technical challenges.

Thanks to a partnership with a client-preferred platform, there is also a room reservation system implemented in the office. It enables a simple room booking at a required time and date, with an option to add a meeting description as well. Illuminating panels show availability of the space and add a modern and stylish look in the corridor.


Every professional office needs well-equipped and impressive conference rooms to facilitate internal collaboration and important meetings with clients and business partners – this space makes an important customer facing representation. This is why, the design needs to be well thought through, and the proposed system must be modern, expandable and reliable. We believe that the conference rooms we created for Kaufland satisfy all objectives of the project and will serve the employees for years to come.