A + V


International Software company JAMF has offices all over the world. JAMF helps organisations in management of Apple devices. What is most important for JAMF is their people – clients, employees, community. In order to look after them, it is necessary to have an office tailored to their specific needs. Following our satisfactory implementation of the audiovisual systems in JAMF office in Katowice (Poland), the next site we had a pleasure to equip for this client was in Amsterdam. It was one of our many projects outside of Polish borders and managing logistics and communication with a foreign client is a challenge we can fulfill in these types of projects.


In Dutch JAMF office audiovisual systems are used in many different spaces: large conference rooms (for up to 20 people), medium and small meeting rooms (for maximum 6 and 3 people respectively) and rooms dedicated to quiet work called Focus Rooms.

According to JAMF corporate standard all rooms have been equipped in Cisco technology in ONLINE class. This means that in order to start a remote meeting, there is no need for the employee to use their own laptop, and a video conference can be managed from a touch panel.

In large, medium and small meeting rooms a Cisco Spark Room set is used. This consists of 10-inch touch panel (which enables the video conference and room management), cameras, speakers installed under the screen, and a set of microphones. Depending on the size of the room, we equipped them with screens of different size (85” in large conference rooms, 55” in medium rooms, 49” in small rooms). We also installed multimedia ports with HDMI cables and USB-C power cords in the conference tables.

The smallest rooms are to be used by one person at a time. An employee can use it to take a phone call, stage a videocall or for quiet working. In this space we used a Cisco DX80 Room set. This is an ‘all-in-one’ video conference system including a monitor, a camera, speakers and a microphone.

Audiovisual systems are located not only in conference and meeting rooms, but in the social spaces as well. There are two social spaces in JAMF office and they have been equipped with 86-inch screens.  These can be used to display the image from a computer, Apple TV, or for a staff meeting, with a video conference option and remote connection. Creating a meeting on-line is possible thanks to a Cisco Spark Room set, which includes a camera, microphone and 10-inch steering panel located on a mobile lectern. Ceiling mounted speakers in 6 modules are the sound system of this set.

Digital Signage system has been installed in all areas of the office and consists of 55” displays with Apple TV media streamers and remote control. This system can be used to share news with employees, greeting visitors and enhancing the dynamic brand image.

There is a sound masking system in the office open space. This is a set including 46 ceiling emitters controlled through a central unit. This system brings a number of benefits – it narrows the area of discussion dispersion to three meters, enables more privacy in the open space and improves an overall acoustics in the office, which results in the increased comfort of the staff.


Working in a foreign environment whilst equipping the Dutch JAMF office was a great pleasure and a wonderful development opportunity for us. We demonstrated a great organisation of work and project management, professionalism and effective communication.

The opening of this office is not an end to our cooperation with JAMF in Amsterdam. Thanks to our Maintenance Service Programme SLA, the client can benefit from A+V team monitoring the efficient operation of the implemented audiovisual infrastructure. You can find out more about our Maintenance Service SLA here.


photographs: Matthijs van Roon