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To persuade the Purchaser to choose the most expensive offer. Is it possible? Yes, this installation is the proof of that. The Purchaser (DOZAMEL company from Wrocław) invited companies to submit offers for the implementation of a conference center. Our offer was the most expensive, and yet we were the ones to carry out this task. How did this happen? Our employees have listened to the Purchaser’s guidelines and requirements. Only then did we present a vision for the implementation of a system that met these requirements.


The center has four comprehensively equipped rooms: a large conference room with 150 seats, a conference room with 50 seats, and two meeting rooms.

Conference rooms

In both conference rooms, Sony LCD projectors provide images that are displayed on electrically retractable screens.  Due to the multitude of sources and displays, there was used a matrix system of twisted pair distribution and transmission of audio and video signals by Crestron. The image presentation system is accompanied by a sound system, whose main component is the EAW audio processor. Additionally, Sennheiser microphones, ADS power amplifiers and Tannoy wall and ceiling speakers were used. The Crestron control system was used to facilitate the operation of the system (multimedia, electric blinds and lighting). Lecturers have wireless touch panels, technical support and a wired touch panel at their disposal.

Meeting rooms

Each meeting room is equipped with a 65” Panasonic plasma display. The images displayed on these displays come from computers connected to the Extron table connectors installed in horseshoe shaped tables. The table connectors can be connected to digital (DVI), analog (VGA) and audio signals, as well as to a power supply socket and RJ45 connectors. Multimedia, lighting and blinds are controlled using wireless Crestron touch panels.

Additionally, for the purposes of organizing events, a Digital Signage system and a sound system for the facility space (lobby and terrace) have been provided.


Dozamel Sp. z o.o. is the company managing the Industrial Park in Wrocław. It established the Conference Center for the needs of companies located at the Park, as well as external companies. It is a perfect place for business meetings, training, discussions, conferences, seminars, etc., thanks to state-of-the-art, well-equipped and interestingly arranged interiors.