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Each museum exhibition is a challenge in its own right. In the case of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) Museum, the task was even more challenging as the project was related to a difficult part of Polish history. Multimedia system had to become an integral part of a permanent exposition in the museum, strengthen its message, atmosphere and character. Our design and project execution were subjected to strict assessment of many individuals and communities.

The General Fieldorf “Nil” Home Army Museum in Kraków is the only institution of this kind in Poland, which disseminates knowledge about the Polish Underground State and its armed forces.


According to an adopted historical scenario, the modern exhibition has been enriched with multimedia systems and divided into themed exhibition spaces. Outlined below are, what we believe to be, the most interesting elements of the multimedia systems in the museum:

Apart from the enhancement of the visitor experience, audio-visual and tele-technical systems in the museum need to support its everyday operation and fit in the existing IT infrastructure as well. Other systems installed and implemented by our team in the Home Army are as follows:


Audio-visual systems implemented in the Home Army Museum enhance the visitor experience and support interesting methods of the desired content communication. The exhibition was opened to the public in September 2012 and the AV systems installed back then are still fulfilling the requirements of the visitors. In the museum you can see not only hundreds of souvenirs and photos, but also touch the hull of Halifax, the British aircraft which was used to provide war supplies to Home Army soldiers. You can see the interior of the V-2 rocket (discovery of which was the greatest success of the Home Army intelligence) and find yourself in a U-boat. All of those exciting exhibits are complemented by technology, which supports a wider access to knowledge and history. We feel honoured to have been involved in such an important project in the Polish cultural heritage.