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In today’s world, changes happen very fast. You can see them not only in such areas as technology, culture and economy, but also in the legal sphere. Frequent changes in laws and regulations pose problems for businesses. Other challenges include expanding into new, foreign markets, raising capital, and dealing with complex legislation. However, there are law firms that understand and are able to cope with these problems. We have had the pleasure to work with one of them as we equipped their Warsaw office.

Conference rooms, which are the heart of every office, can be used to consult a project with colleagues or to carry out a brainstorming session. Meetings with clients are also held there. The challenge is to equip those rooms in such a way as to ensure high efficiency and comfort of work while increasing the profile of the company in the eyes of its employees and potential clients.


Description of solutions

The designed audiovisual system is based on fully digital solutions in the area of signal transmission and distribution. The applied Crestron NVX technology with a twisted pair as a transmission medium, transmits audio, video and control signals over long distances without compression or delay. NVX technology is a reliable and future-proof installation that will meet all required standards for many years.
The divisible conference room has become the most impressive space in the Warsaw office. We have ensured the possibility of using this room in two ways – as one large conference room for 32 people, and as two smaller rooms for 18 and 12 people. As the room can be rearranged, the proximity sensor detects the positions of movable walls. In this way, the operation of the system can be changed automatically, taking into account the current arrangement.

Working with one, large room, we get the presentation image displayed by the high-brightness 8000 ANSI Lumen projector NEC PX803UL on an electric projection screen with an active surface of 135”. The screen is concealed in the suspended ceiling.
When the room is divided (in the smaller room the image is presented on the LCD monitor NEC E905 with a 90” screen), we use the projector in the larger room.

The sound system in the rooms is based on 6.5” ceiling speakers, Crestron SAROS IC6T-W-T-EACH. Importantly, the speakers in both rooms can work independently while the room is divided. When the space is joined, they will cover the whole zone.
Integrated with the AV system is lighting, divided into circuits, and electric roller blinds.

The AV system, lighting and roller blinds in the rooms are controlled using 10” Crestron TSW-1060 table touch panels (one per room).
The office also accommodates smaller rooms for 12, 8 and 6 people. In those smaller conference rooms, the system enables wireless presentation of the computer image on Full HD 65″or 80″ LCD monitors, using Crestron Airmedia wireless image and sound transmission technology, with sound playback based on speakers integrated with the monitors. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with a Polycom IP7000 conference phone.


The office of one of the world’s largest law firms should reflect the professionalism and good reputation of the company. We managed to achieve this effect thanks to our experience and the use of professional equipment and technologies. Employees can easily arrange internal meetings with clients and communicate via videoconferences, while guests will certainly appreciate the innovative solutions used.