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HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands. This company has presence in over 100 countries, including Poland, and works behind the scenes to connect supply with demand, restaurants with deliveries and ultimately, people with products they love. Our challenge in their Krakow office project was to connect Havi employees not only within the office, but also across multiple branches, as well as with their clients and vendors.

We have participated in the creation of a Townhall space and 6 meeting rooms.


Town Hall area is a central spot in the Havi Logistics office in Cracow – it is an area tailored for internal meetings, management team announcements and team building. Town Hall gathering is one of the most popular internal communication tools. In the hybrid work era, it is essential that remote workers can join the meeting and the content of the meeting can be transmitted to all participants. Town Hall area in the Havi Logistics office is divided into two zones:

  1. Small or „ad hoc” meeting zone
  2. Large gathering zone


In order to utilise the small/ad-hoc meeting zone, one only needs to connect their laptop to HDMI socket located in the furniture. Presentation is shown on a 65’’ professional display screen and sound is played through a soundbar installed under the screen. This AV system ensures a quick and easy meeting set up and commencement, as well as fantastic quality of audio and visual content for presentations and collaboration.

In the large gathering zone, image is projected on an electrically controlled 290cm-wide-projection screen. A presentation can be shown through a full HD multimedia projector. This zone has a set of four speakers, powered by an amplifier installed in the ceiling. Speech is amplified by a handheld microphone. Presentation can commence by connecting a laptop to a HDMI port in the lectern. This audio-visual system fulfils the requirements of larger gatherings, speeches and presentations, both internal (for Havi Logistics staff) and external (for clients and partners).
In the whole Town Hall area there is an option of using a mobile video conferencing set, which enables conducting an online meeting. This set includes a wide-angle camera, speakers and a microphone. It is also possible to stream the Town Hall meeting to remote workers, which supports team integration and better internal communication. The video conferencing system in the Town Hall area can also be used for training sessions accessible for all personnel.
We have also equipped six small meeting rooms in the Havi Logistics office – these spaces are dedicated for gatherings of maximum 6 people at the time. There are display screens and Logitech video conferencing sets (including necessary wiring) installed in each meeting room – these devices enable a larger number of participants to join the meetings in the smaller rooms remotely.

All small meeting rooms are designed in a READY („Bring Your Own Device”) standard – this means that meeting participants can link with colleagues in other locations by connecting their laptop to the room AV system and starting a video conference. Thanks to the Logitech video conferencing set, participants can enjoy a high quality of sound and vision. Well-equipped conference rooms enable team work, collaboration and client relationship development in the hybrid environment. This has positive impact on the employee’s engagement and comfort, as well as professional image of the company in external meetings.


In the world of large organisations Town Hall space is a very important place of meetings for both senior management and employees. Providing infrastructure required for such events is key, especially when considering hybrid work model – Town Hall space cannot exist without a professional video conferencing set. We equipped the Havi Logistics office in those necessary AV systems in the main gathering area, as well as in the smaller spaces for holding remote meetings.

According to the project priorities, a desired result has been achieved – Havi Logistics have a modern audio-visual system ensuring effective communication between employees, departments, management and clients. Our client now has an office that fulfills the requirements of the „new normal”, supports a development of the company culture and is tailored to hybrid work model.