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The firm in 2018, it was recognised in Poland as the best Strategic and Commercial Advisor for private equity and venture capital funds. To be so successful in this industry, it takes a constant focus on customer confidence and appropriate brand image that connotes professionalism and responsibility. One of the measures undertaken by the company to this end was the renovation of its office located in the centre of Warsaw, including conference rooms, which we have equipped with modern and flexible audiovisual systems.

Creating a system that meets all the expectations of a knowledgeable client who is up-to-speed with the latest trends is never an easy task. Our role was not only to design a functional system, but to provide consultancy in the first place. The challenge was to compare all technologies, both their advantages and disadvantages, and pick the one that would work best in the client’s spaces

Description of solutions

The main meeting space at our client’s Warsaw headquarters is a conference room divided by a movable partition wall into two smaller zones. In this type of space, it is extremely important to use flexible solutions that will allow the room to be used in any orientation.
The most common solution is a projection system, but in this case this solution was suboptimal due to the high solar exposure. Given the high room brightness, the best idea was to use large-format sunlight readable monitors with clear colours and high 4K resolution. The room was equipped with five Sony monitors, two 85” monitors and three 75″ monitors suspended on a specially designed ceiling-mounted mobile frame. The frame allows the screens to be moved from the longer to the shorter wall of the room, depending on how the partition wall is configured.

We also ensured multiple connectivity options for the room. The wired sources are connected by means of table connector units complete with cables, which have been tested for compatibility with any modern laptop, and additionally equipped with a power cord for the company’s standard computers. The image can be displayed from mobile devices using the Barco Clickshare wireless image presentation system.

The image transmission system in the divisible room is based on twisted pair IP transmission devices (Crestron NVX). This solution ensures full flexibility as it allows any input signal to be sent – without delay and in high 4K resolution – to a selected display device.
Nowadays, it is extremely important to be able to communicate online – with clients and company locations around the world. Two Polycom video conference units ensure constant contact with the world. By installing movable cameras, it possible to use one or two monitors for video conferencing, in any configuration.

In addition to the AV system, rooms with so many functionalities also need to have a simple, intuitive control system. The control system implemented by us, based on Crestron devices, meets all these requirements. The clear graphical interface, placed on two wall panels and two wireless panels, makes the operation of the devices possible without prior training.
In addition to the main, large conference room, we have also equipped several smaller meeting rooms at the Warsaw headquarter. There we installed 32” and 40” monitors with movable arms so they can be tilted and extended. We have equipped the rooms with table connector units with cabling and video conferencing sets.


For any major market player, its office is a kind of showcase, a place intended to make the first, unique impression on any customer. That is why it is crucial to ensure that this impression evokes professionalism and reliability. Such an office would not be complete without modern, stable, tailor-made audiovisual systems – like the ones offered by our company. Systems whereby it is yet easier and more enjoyable for employees to achieve success.