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The Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw (WPiA UW) is one of the oldest and most prestigious law faculties in Poland. Founded in 1808, it has a long history of educating lawyers, many of whom play key roles in both the international and domestic legal environments. The faculty’s reputation is due to its outstanding academic staff and the fact that the Warsaw University is a place where law studies combine with practice. Students participate in exciting conferences and international events, developing practical legal skills through various legal clinics, student internships, and legal competitions. The faculty also conducts numerous research projects aimed at exploring and analyzing key legal issues.


The WPiA UW authorities wanted lectures and events to be available to as many participants as possible, and as we know, lecture halls can accommodate only a limited number of people. The challenge for the university was to enable interested individuals to join events remotely while also achieving the highest quality recording of the transmission. This way, the reach of the lectures was to become much larger than the size of the rooms would allow. From the university’s perspective, the primary criterion was to allow participants to feel as if they were attending the event live. Another significant requirement was the ability to seamlessly playback recordings in the future and to share them in the university’s digital resources or on the YouTube channel. The experts from A+V were faced with the challenge of delivering a solution that would provide access to events for a broad audience in real-time and also (through streaming and recording of high-quality sound and image) at any future time.


Until now, the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw used the services of an external event company, which provided the necessary equipment to university representatives during significant events. However, this procedure was time-consuming, involved numerous formalities, and generated additional costs for each rental. Therefore, the university wanted to be able to carry out such transmissions on its own. The most important assumptions regarding the audiovisual solution included:



In response to the clearly defined needs, A+V experts selected a high-quality, mobile system for streaming and recording video production for the university. As an AV integrator, we also ensured the launch of the system and trained users in the operation of the various components that make up the entire set.


The system allows for broadcasting sound and video worldwide, making participation in valuable academic events possible for all students – regardless of their current location. As planned, in addition to transmitting high-quality images and sound, the system also allows for recording. Interested parties can return to the materials in the future.


The implementation included a modern, professional multimedia solution, based on digital components compatible with current AV standards, consisting of the following elements:



Everything enclosed in a dedicated transport case, easily and seamlessly transportable to any location

The implemented system ensures the functionality of a television studio for multimedia content production of any subject and various complexity levels: from simple productions using one or two cameras to large, dispersed realizations from multiple rooms simultaneously.


Additional system features include:


The change that has taken place at Warsaw University’s WPiA can perhaps best be illustrated by a statement from one of the people running the October event using the new equipment: Physically there will be about 50 people in the room today, but remotely we are expecting as many as 1,000 participants! Among them will be prominent experts, judges and students who, due to their commitments, cannot be here with us today. This hybrid format is a huge convenience for us, without which we can no longer imagine organising this type of meeting.


The mobile system for streaming and recording video production expands the reach of meetings organized at the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. The ability to stream important events provides an opportunity for people who previously did not have such a chance to join. It’s an enormous educational value for people around the world. Thanks to modern audiovisual solutions, the space where lectures take place doesn’t end where the university walls are. The mobile system for streaming and recording video production allows conducting a presentation in a room with appropriate conditions and then making it available – both sound and image – in the highest quality to all those interested in the subject. The solution implemented by A+V also enables simultaneous translation of events – currently, meetings are translated into even three languages. A significant advantage is also the seamless transport of the system – university staff can use it in any room. Moreover, the genuinely simple operation ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical level, can start the system independently.


For the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw, this investment is a milestone towards educational development. Modern and properly implemented audiovisual systems are the future of education – they shorten distances in an increasingly globalizing world and allow the acquisition of knowledge and skills, regardless of the students’ physical location.


Therefore, if you are wondering how to elevate the capabilities of your university to a higher level – contact us!