A + V


What if you could do different tasks using just one audiovisual system?
Not only conferences, meetings and trainings, but also theatre performances and concerts? We dealt with such a task when we started to design a system to be installed in an old, run-down CASINO building in Strzelce Opolskie.


The installation was to give users the greatest functionality managed from a single place. An all-in-one facility with a museum, conference centre, stage and media library.

The contract included designing and then implementation of e.g.:

Signal distribution is based on the modern DigitalMedia solution by Crestron, where all audiovisual and control signals are sent through a single twisted pair cable. In this way, we eliminated unnecessary wiring. The whole system, both in the cinema and stage mode, can be controlled in the traditional way, or centrally using a wireless touch panel or a wall-mounted panel.

We have used the highest quality sound system and stage lighting so that the audience can focus on the performance or presentation, and not on problems resulting from the use of inappropriate devices.

In the remembrance and tradition halls we designed kiosks and multimedia stands, enabling dynamic change of content, depending on the theme of the current temporary exhibition.

The media library provides visitors with local resources and gives them the opportunity to use the works shared by other libraries.


The old Polish saying goes that if something is good for everything, it is good for nothing. As it turns out, this is not always true. This is proven by our multi-purpose facility which can host conferences, concerts, small theatre performances, theatre and music rehearsals, meetings of residents with representatives of local authorities, film screenings, banquets and balls. And after the show, guests can go to the media library to enjoy music, film and literature on their own.

Shortly speaking: “If something is good for everything, then the A+V team must have been involved”.