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For the Hotel Bania Thermal & Ski. for the first time we had the pleasure to design the first audiovisual systems already in 2013. We were particularly pleased that such a renowned client came back to us with a new, large investment – Bania Conference Center.

Our client’s wish and the most important challenge we faced at the investment planning stage was to create an elegant and functional space equipped with the latest technological solutions enabling at the same time multifunctional use of a very large space of the Congress Centre. All of this assuming many hours of operation and the reliability and stability of the systems within the implementation of various types of projects.

Description of solutions

The Conference Centre consists of six rooms (3 Crowns, Wierchy and four VIP rooms), a foyer, an exhibition corridor, two receptions, an administration room and a café.

Hall 3 Crowns can act as one large room, able to accommodate 430 people or as 3 smaller spaces. In the layout of divided rooms operating independently, each space is equipped with an individual projection system. This allows the organisation of several independent events. Each of the spaces is equipped with a Christie projector (mounted on a ceiling lift) and a 340 x 500 cm screen (also mounted in the ceiling).  The transmission of audio, video and control signals is based on Crestron NVX-351 devices. Due to the fact that the room has a platform and an electrically extendable auditorium, a stage mechanics system has been installed, which consists of a curtain and movable lighting bridges.

Another space is the Wierchy Hall, which can be one large hall (for 400 people) with the possibility of division into seven smaller ones. There are 3 projection systems. Each of them consists of a Christie projector (mounted on ceiling lifts) and a 340 x 390 cm screen. The image transmission is based on the Crestron NVX-351 system for distribution and transmission of AV signals and control.


Hall 3 Crowns and Rows are large spaces. In order to enable a legible transmission of the multimedia content displayed on the screen to the entire audience, it is possible to display the image on additional Philips 75″ LCD monitors, installed on the side walls. They can also display additional information such as advertisements, logos, etc. In addition, the rooms are equipped with two mobile sets of Philips 75” LCD monitors, mounted on mobile trolleys.

In rooms 3 Korony, Wierchy and Foyer, Sony preview cameras are installed. The cameras are designed to record the image from the rooms, use it to view it for a technician, display the preview from one room to another when reporting an event to a larger audience or use the image from the cameras as a preview in the VIP rooms which can serve as dressing rooms for artists. Moreover, the camera signal may be sent to the Digital Signage visual information system.

VIP conference rooms are prestigious spaces where smaller conferences can take place. Their functionality and the way they are operated are based on the same standards as the systems in the complex of rooms 3 Korony i Wierchy, according to the idea of unifying the control of all conference rooms in the facility.


In the entire Bania Conference Centre, the conference sound system was designed using the QSC digital audio signal distribution and processing system. The conference sound system is used to play back sound from multimedia presentations and to sound the speech in the conference rooms and the Foyer, as well as to play back the background music in other areas of the Centre. In addition, the sound system consists of a set of Sennheiser wireless microphones from the Evolution Wireless series. These products are characterized by a very good price/quality ratio, high efficiency and reliability.

One of the key technical elements of the Congress Centre built at the Bania Hotel is the integrated control system. Its task is to integrate elements of room equipment in such a way as to enable tenants and technical staff to access the control of multimedia and technological equipment in a simple and intuitive way. The control system is based on Crestron products.  It is characterized by high reliability, stability and scale of possibilities to integrate systems with different interfaces, which make up the very complex audiovisual infrastructure of the Congress Centre. The control is carried out from the level of keyboards and touch panels.

On the area of the entire Conference Centre, the SOLIX Digital Signage StinoDS visual information system was installed. The Digital Signage system was designed in the configuration with external players mounted locally at monitors. Digital Signage playback stands are Philips 55″ LCD monitors. Due to the representative character of the Foyer, VideoWall was used there. It is a graphic wall consisting of 9 thin-frame monitors. Digital Signage Player displays one large image on the whole wall of 4×3 monitors.


Bania Conference Center is a very prestigious place, designed for the organization of events such as conferences, banquets, concerts or various types of artistic performances on a scale from very large for a few hundred people to the smallest, intimate ones. All this thanks to the design of appropriate audiovisual and control solutions. A well-thought-out project, taking into account the implementation of various scenarios of using the Congress Centre space, was the key to success. The implementation of such a demanding project was quite a challenge, but thanks to the experienced team and very good communication with the client, the achieved effect is consistent with the owner’s vision. The possibilities provided by Bania Conference Center are enormous.