A + V


Demanding clients are a group of consumers we highly appreciate. Thanks to them, we can show the full extent of our capabilities and competences. One such client was the owner of Bania Hotel in Białka Tatrzańska, who came up with the idea of creating a luxurious hotel in a highlander style with a touch of the latest technology. Combining tradition with modernity is quite a challenge, but we have taken it up.



We designed and built an audiovisual system that included conference rooms, dining rooms, reception desk, a bar and a discotheque, as well as hotel corridors. All conference rooms have been equipped with independent high-quality video and audio projection systems (Sony, Tannoy), as well as control systems for the conference room by means of touch panels. In addition, we have integrated the whole system in such a way that the user of the room, in addition to managing the audio-visual system, can also control the roller blinds, curtains and lighting.

The dining rooms, the bar and entrance lobby have been equipped with a zone sound system, which enables independent sources to emit sound to each of the above areas. Volume control and sound source selection are controlled by means of highly aesthetic 2.8” wall panels. Additionally, the lobby has been equipped with an image projection system, enabling the presentation of dynamic content addressed to hotel guests.

The whole system was supplemented by the system of distribution of audio-visual information, the so-called Digital Signage, located in various points of the hotel, enhanced by the option of presenting content in live streaming mode.


The installation of projectors, panels and displays is not a problem for most AV companies. However, to perform such works, while maintaining the atmosphere of a venue, requires a slightly higher standard. By adding functionality and simplicity of use, we have provided an audio-visual system at a high level and pleasant to the eye, which you can see in our photo gallery.