A + V


The concept, design, purchase of equipment and implementation – a perfect sequence of execution of each audiovisual system. But what if we change this sequence?

The Academy of Music in Łódź managed to raise funds for the construction of a modern concert hall. When the construction started, there were additional funds raised for the high-end equipment on the basis of the approved design. The selection of audio equipment was supervised by a mentor of many sound engineers, Mr. Krzysztof Sztekmiler. The only thing left was to incorporate a set of professional equipment into the project, which was already at an advanced stage of implementation.


The implementation began with the delivery of a high-quality stage sound system from Tannoy, Digital Signage system components, as well as audio-visual system devices, such as a high brightness projector or a screen with a 10-meter base.

At this design stage it turned out that it will be necessary to build an additional projection installation, dedicated to conferences, consisting of another projector and screen. The fact that the construction had already been started was an evident difficulty, so it was necessary to work under time pressure.

The integrated audio-visual systems in the Academy of Music in Łódź comprised of:

The complete installation enables the transmission of audio and video signals between the concert hall, the control booth and the editing studio in any configuration. Multimedia presentations are made using a state-of-the-art camera system, screens and high-end projectors, enabling the projection of films in Full HD quality, comparable with cinema screenings.

Advanced technological solutions in the area of sound systems and ICT and electro-acoustic installations provide unlimited possibilities for concerts, performances, recordings and live broadcasts. The system allows for sound distribution in the hall with simultaneous independent live broadcast, 48-track recording and display of live performances from remote-controlled Full HD cameras.

The concert hall system is complemented by an enhanced visual information system (Digital Signage), enabling a presentation of static and dynamic content (including live coverage) on professional display screens located throughout the building.


An official opening of the concert hall took place on October 4, 2013. The honorary patronage of the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland, Anna Komorowska and the inaugural concert under the baton of Maestro Jerzy Semkow raised the importance of the event. The audience was so impressed with the modernity of the hall that the booking schedule of the venue was immediately filled with advanced reservations for the next 18 months. We are honoured to have been a part of this fantastic project, which resulted in creation of a state-of-art facilities for events and performances. Thanks to the modern audio-visual systems, the concert hall at the Academy of Music provides visitors with great musical experiences which can be accessed even by the listeners located away from the venue.