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Receive a video conference kit worth €3,354 completely free of charge!

Choose a complete conference room AV equipment!

Receive a video conference kit worth €3,354 completely free of charge!

New Year, New Opportunities! Get ready for new challenges with our promotional set!

Complete set of AV equipment

Everything you need to create a modern and functional conference room.

Crestron Flex TEAMS ROOM KIT as a gift

With every purchase, we will throw in an advanced video conferencing system valued at $3,354 as a free gift.

Why is it worth it?

With this set-up, you gain a complete conference room equipment that allows you to enjoy natural communication and effective meetings. We have been observing the needs of our customers for many years and we know the importance of proven and reliable solutions. That is why we recommend Crestron devices, which perfectly fulfill their role in office spaces.

Create a modern workplace with A+V

Modern design and functionality
A sleek soundbar, a 65-inch display screen, a reliable AirMedia wireless presentation system (optional) and everything you need to create a modern workspace.

Seamless integration
All the necessary cables and sockets to ensure every meeting runs smoothly.

Affordable and cost-effective

Prices from € 5,999
Choose the package to suit your needs – with or without the AirMedia wireless image presentation system.

Package with AirMedia at a price of € 7,999.
Package without AirMedia at a price of € 5,999.

You save € 3,354
When you purchase the promotional set, you will receive the Crestron Flex TEAMS ROOM KIT at no additional cost.

 Below you will find a graphic showing an example of how the kit can be used in a conference room (two monitors are optional).


Additional information

Personalised installation

The price of the kit does not include installation costs. These are calculated individually, depending on your needs.


Detailed product list

Details of each package and components of the kit are provided below.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to upgrade your meeting room and enter the New Year with technology that will change the way you work. Take care of equipping your space today and get free video conferencing!



Example scenario for using the kit:

  1. The meeting is scheduled from the calendar or ad hoc from a touch panel outside the room.

  2. An occupancy sensor activates the system when the user enters the room.

  3. The attendance sensor will confirm the meeting when it detects participants in the room. If you do not show up, the meeting will be cancelled in the calendar.

  4. The Teams app’s on-screen welcome screen shows a list of scheduled meetings. On the control panel, the user can join a meeting with a single click.

  5. When the user connects his laptop wirelessly or wired, the content is automatically made available to all conference participants.
    If a video conference is not in progress at the time, the image is made available locally on the monitor.

  6. Up to four different images can be transmitted simultaneously: one wired connection + up to three wirelessly connected devices or four wireless devices for sharing/comparing data.

  7. Supported devices include Windows, Apple and Android. No app is required for presentations as AirMedia natively supports airplay and miracast connection protocols over guest and corporate LANs, as well as through direct Wi-Fi functionality.

  8. Once all participants have been disconnected, the system will return to the welcome screen of the teams/magnification on the monitor.

  9. Once the meeting is over and no presence is detected, the system is switched off.

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