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Crestron touch screens allow you to smoothly control AV systems and easily book rooms. Wherever you need it!

In our assortment you will find:

Touch screens for room scheduling

Room scheduling touch screens clearly show room occupancy for the entire day and allow you to book a meeting room without having to go back to your desk. This saves employees time and gives them the ability to manage their office space quickly and on their own.

Touch screens for controlling audiovisual systems

Crestron touch screens enable seamless operation of audiovisual systems. With them, you can easily run a projector, lighting or a meeting. The panels are compatible with the most popular hybrid working solutions such as Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Gain control of your entire AV system with touch panels from Crestron, which you can buy 10% off with us until the end of the holiday*

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Why is it worth it?

  1. Full range of possibilities

    With Crestron’s touch screens, you can easily manage your entire audiovisual system and book meeting rooms while standing directly in the room – without having to return to your desk.

  2. ntuitive operation and user-friendly interface

    The touch screens are easy to use, and with personalized, intuitive visuals, you’ll customize them to suit your needs. You can choose from wall-mounted touch panels, as well as those you can easily use on a table or at your desk.

  3. Entire audiovisual system at your fingertips

    Jeden panel dotykowy pozwala koordynować dźwięk, obraz, a także oświetlenie w Twojej przestrzeni biurowej. Panele dotykowe od Crestron to optymalizacja, która uwolni Twój czas.

  4. Rozwiązanie zaprojektowane z myślą o Twoich potrzebach

    One touch screen allows you to coordinate audio, video, and lighting in your office space. Touch screens from Crestron are optimization that will free up your time.

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