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We distribute products and solutions of popular worldwide professional equipment manufacturers.  We have achieved relevant certification guaranteeing a high level of knowledge of the products on offer. For current special offers and a list of brands we distribute, see below.


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Now we offer Samsung’s amazing IER series LEDs at a really good price.


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Our work is not focused on one manufacturer. This allows us to focus on selecting the right solutions that, above all, meet the needs of our customers. Being an integrator, we have a great knowledge of how AV systems work as a whole.

  • wolfvision
  • sony
  • samsung
  • Poly
  • panasonic
  • NEC
  • Microsoft
  • logitech
  • Extron
  • evoko
  • epson
  • dten
  • cisco
  • benq
  • amx
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Solutions proven in the toughest environments


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Video conferencing devices are vital tools in a workplace, especially today. Every business will benefit from equipment enabling remote meetings with customers and employees. The newest state-of-the-art solutions ensure a high quality of sound and vision.

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Room reservation systems

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Due to an increase in demand for team collaboration spaces, there are more and more small meeting rooms created in modern offices. To make it easier to organise meetings, it is necessary to implement a room reservation system. Touch panels installed outside the room show the availability of the space on the particular day and enable making a reservation with automatic room calendar update.

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Interactive displays


Apart from displaying the content, these screens also have a touch function and software enabling presentation of content from a disc or internet. They enable video conferencing, document creating, editing (writing, pasting etc.) and sharing. As they enable collaboration of a number of people on a document at the same time, they are becoming indispensable element of modern meeting rooms and classrooms.


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Wireless presentation


In order to present from your laptop or tablet screen, you do not need a cable anymore! Wireless connection to the system is the newest trend. Each participant can present from any place in the room and move freely around the space with their device. Apart from the presenter’s comfort, this solution also allows for a reduction of the number of connections and cables in the conference table.

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Streaming / e-learning devices


Since large events, conferences and lectures cannot take place with live audience/student participation, the role of streaming and e-learning devices has increased. Conducting remote events is possible thanks to appropriately matched solutions ensuring high quality of audio and video transmission.

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Control and image distribution systems


In modern spaces multimedia management is carried out in an ergonomic and intuitive way thanks to control and image distribution systems. These should be tailored to the infrastructure of the premises, the specifics of the user’s work and their functional requirements.

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Microsoft Surface

Bez tytułu

Microsoft Surface is a series of latest laptops and accessories with modern design and high performance. The group also includes the HUB, an interactive whiteboard for businesses that brings teams together with a built-in video conferencing suite and pre-installed Microsoft Teams software.

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Examples of tested and trialed solutions: More info

Manufacturers’ offerings are constantly being updated. Innovations happen every day.
If you have not found what you are interested in we invite you to contact us – we will answer, advise and prepare an offer.


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