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Our AV systems design for the Mobile Command and Communications Centre was awarded in 2017 in Amsterdam in the Crestron Awards competition in the category BEST INNOVATIVE SOLUTION. As we know, firefighters are on duty 24/7. They risk their lives fighting fires, helping road accident victims and combating the effects of natural, chemical, biological and radiological disasters. For large field operations, coordination of many fire brigades becomes essential, and key to successful rescue operations is a 100% reliable COMMAND AND COMMUNICATION vehicle.

Creating a vehicle that is a mobile Command and Communication Centre for work in difficult conditions was a big challenge.  In addition to the AV and telecommunications equipment, the vehicle design played a crucial role in this project. Such a challenge could be tackled only by accomplished experts with extensive experience in the field of special-purpose vehicles. WISS – WAWRZASZEK INŻYNIERIA SAMOCHODÓW SPECJALNYCH performed this task outstandingly.  The command and communication vehicle created by WISS is as strong as the rescue and fire-fighting vehicles we all know, while being an excellent command centre for smooth rescue operations.


The WISS vehicle is distinctive by its integration with AV and control systems. For example, its hydraulic mechanism allows a stationary vehicle interior to be expanded to have a greater useful area, with automatically activated conference systems.

The vehicle body has been divided into two independent parts, which makes it possible for operators to work independently and to conduct meetings of operation commanders. Additional flexibility is ensured by two independent power sources – the fuel generator inside the vehicle and the possibility of connecting an external power supply. The large number of video connections for devices both inside and outside the vehicle, ensures fast access to data from various sources during the operation. In addition, four cameras sitting on the external structure of the vehicle monitor the surroundings and record images for subsequent analysis.
The audio-video equipment in mobile solutions should be kept to a minimum while keeping maximum system functionality. In addition, all devices should be characterized by stable, trouble-free operation, low power consumption and small size. All these parameters are satisfied by the Crestron matrix switch with an audio-conference interface, which is the heart of the system. The system we have created has one device that manages all audio, video and control signals. Sony’s high-quality projector and monitor ensure clear, high-resolution image. To enable the user to connect various devices, including mobile ones, we have used connectors with HDMI sockets and Air Media wireless collaboration system. The sound system based on Crestron devices provides sound for presentations and communication between conference and operator spaces by means of control panels that also have built-in intercom functionality. The system is controlled by means of two touch panels for which we have set up an intuitive graphical control interface. The AV system is also integrated with the lighting system of the mobile command centre.
During field operations, a stable internet connection is essential. Creating a local network in the mobile command centre is a considerable challenge. For this reason, a GSM modem has been used, which can be equipped with 8 SIM cards from different operators. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a removable satellite dish. This ensures internet access even in places with no GSM network coverage
We all admire firefighters for their strength and courage. But these days even the greatest heroes cannot do without the support of modern technologies. With development of science and technology, problems can be addressed faster, which allows threats, potential damage or the number of victims to be kept down. However, when you have to take into account many unpredictable factors, it turns out that taking right decisions can be extremely complicated. The system we have created ensures simultaneous data analysis by experts from various fields. It can display files in any format from any device connected through a video socket, LAN or wireless network. In addition, image can be presented on one screen from four different sources at the same time, which allows patterns to be compared and thus future events to predicted and relevant actions to be planned.
In many cases, speed of action is just as important as knowledge. When the situation changes rapidly, decisions must be taken quickly. With the mobile command centre, all factors can be analysed at the scene, so additional checks can be undertaken, the area can be explored and movements of the danger zone epicentre can be followed. The system enables continuous communication with the best experts from around the world to consult events and obtain necessary information at any time. The camera system can be used to record the entire event for later analysis or training.
The audio and video inputs located outside the vehicle and the external sound system extend the functionality of the mobile command centre’s AV system. By connecting an external monitor or laptop, the mobile command centre will be instantly ready for work also outside the vehicle. As a result, the conference may be attended by more people, including firefighters, in full gear, coming right from the scene.
It is worth noting that the external AV systems that the command vehicle has been equipped with, can be used not only for rescue operations, but also during events or festivals in which the fire brigade participates. They are then used to educate and sometimes also to entertain the public.


Nowadays, tailor-made solutions can be of real help for many different industries, and conference solutions are no longer limited to fashionable gadgets installed in corporate rooms. With the help of qualified experts and a bit of creativity, it is possible to accommodate even the most unusual customer requirements. The wide range of products from Creston and other high-class manufacturers makes it possible to create a system that can serve any purpose – and thus help various specialists to help the society.