A + V


Utilizing 101 square meters for the needs of an integrated audiovisual system that will meet all strategic objectives of the Client:

  • Consistency with the image of a leader of new technologies for industry.
  • Is a part of the “user journey” concept.
  • Leads image communication to a higher level.
  • Facilitates understanding and familiarity with ABB’s technology/products/solutions.


The entire showroom operates according to scenarios controlled and triggered by the Crestron control system, which allows you to present the show in a strictly defined time and order. What we can experience/feel/touch/see in the ABB showroom:

  • 3D video projection on two walls and a horizontal model synchronized with each other.
  • NEC 40” touch displays and smaller.
  • Augmented Reality using the D’Fusion technology.
  • Smooth DMX lighting control for presentations.
  • High quality sound managed by BIAMP processor.


Thanks to the installations such as the one in Aleksandrów Łódzki, ABB consciously builds its image of an innovative and professional partner worthy of investment. It also increases the advertising positioning of the brand as a leader in its field. The showroom promotes the company’s image as a modern, path-finding and future-oriented company, according to the assumptions of the brief.