A + V

There is a growing awareness of AV solutions among management of national universities, and poorly designed projects are becoming increasingly rare. This makes us happy as we can more often put our skill at work also on the education market, until recently dominated by solutions of poor functionality and low quality.


The Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice placed a high premium on the AV system. We were appointed to do the design and primarily to ensure:

  • functional and intuitive operation of the solutions used;
  • harmonisation of solutions for a diverse teaching staff;
  • network integration of the AV system and building automation;
  • high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers.


The good design resulted in smooth execution the following AV aspects:

  • distribution centre with the heart of the AV system: the central Crestron DigitalMedia matrix, the AV Crestron Fusion inventory management system server, the streaming system server and the e-learning system server;
  • hall with a Televic Alladin simultaneous translation system; high-resolution PTZ camera preview and interactive image presentation;
  • senate hall, including Televic Confidea discussion system, image preview using a high resolution PTZ camera and interactive image presentation;
  • lecture halls, with e.g. an option of viewing the image from the auditorium or from the senate room by means of a fibre optic connection with the facility’s distribution centre;
  • student club with a general sound system;
  • Digital Signage system, i.e. large-format information monitors located on the premises, with the option of streaming the image from the auditorium or the senate room;
  • administration stand in the facility’s monitoring room, with the option of controlling the facility’s darkening system;
  • seminar rooms with basic equipment.

In all rooms, image transmission is based on the Crestron DigitalMedia solution. All rooms have been equipped with an integrated system for controlling AV equipment, lighting and blinds using touch panels and keyboards instead of traditional wall switches. The standard equipment included an image presentation system and a sound system.

The investment into the new building and modern infrastructure brings measurable effects. This benefits both teachers and students as they can work in comfortable conditions. The university’s profile is given a boost as well, which is reflected in university rankings (No. 2 in Poland in the ranking of the best private universities in the Education Conditions category, out of 70 schools ranked!). And last but not least, this benefits the image of the whole region, which can boast a modern university that keeps pace with the latest standards and positively stands out in an increasingly competitive environment.
We are pleased that we could contribute to development of the recognisable brand of the university and the region.