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Located by the picturesque Rożnów Lake and surrounded by lavish forest greenery, the Heron Hotel is a wonderful place for a luxurious holiday in the bosom of nature. However, it also has the function of a modern business meeting venue and a conference centre that will satisfy even the most discerning guests. This was made possible, among other things, thanks to the use of an innovative AV system, a project to which we proudly contributed.


The task was to create dedicated AV systems for nine conference rooms, a banquet hall, restaurant, fitness club, disco room, cinema room, Sky Bar, reception area and VIP room. The biggest challenge we faced was to create a conference space that could be flexibly adapted to the current needs of the User. We installed appropriate lighting and a multimedia control system in the movable partition walls designed by architects. Thanks to the solutions we used, space management has become extremely simple. The good coordination of work and interdisciplinary cooperation made it possible to meet the Client’s requirements.

Another extremely important aspect of our work was to match the hardware solutions with the hotel’s elegant interior design. To minimise interference with the fit-out, most of system components were designed to remain invisible for most of the time. We installed an electric, ceiling-mounted lift in the banquet hall so that the projector could be hidden under the ceiling. All the projection screens are pulled down from the ceiling, and the necessary monitors have been carefully selected to impart a touch of modernity to the rooms. By using professional Sony projectors and monitors, we have ensured reliability and high quality for the User.

To facilitate business meetings and presentations and make them more attractive, we decided to use the Kramer VIA Connect PRO system. With User devices connected to a wireless network, the system makes it possible to share, view, edit and comment files, and to send messages to selected meeting participants.
We used the Dali lighting control system for smooth and professional handling of room illumination. This is of great importance as it not only facilitates projections, but also allows appropriate ambience to be created for the events organised in the conference centre of the Hotel Heron. In both of these cases the intended effect is amplified by the automatic darkening control using curtains installed in the windows.
Another part of our project was distribution and control of the hotel TV system. As requested by the Client, the TV is available on monitors and screens in all conference rooms.
The AV system we designed is also used to entertain hotel guests. The cinema hall uses a professional multi-channel sound system that provides an unforgettable viewing experience. Game consoles and two large-format monitors located on both sides of the main screen give guests another option of spending their free time. The innovative, large-screen laser projector used in the disco room can display music videos in outstanding quality.
The entire system is controlled by small, portable touch panels. The intuitive software is used for managing individual system functions and for activating system scenarios which we pre-defined at the Client’s request. In this way, the room can be adapted to specific needs, e.g. the screen can be rolled down, the projector can be turned on and lights can be dimmed for a multimedia presentation.


Creating a modern and yet stylish AV system is a challenge. But appointing a team with professional savvy to do the job will always add value to any luxurious architectural project. With its combination of calmness resulting from the proximity of nature, the exclusive SPA and modern AV solutions, the Heron Hotel is attractive place for business meetings. It is a unique venue where guests will always be happy to return to.