A + V


Koziegłowy is a small town, known mainly for its characteristic name (literally: “goat heads”), often called the “dormitory suburb” of the city of Poznań. Its calm attracts employees of Poznań companies and their families, tired of the city’s hustle and bustle. However, until recently the place had little to offer them except the promise of rest in the bosom of nature. But it was the centre of this small town that has seen construction of the region’s most modern events and concert arena, a unique facility that provides the right conditions for even the biggest stage stars. As an experienced A+V team with acoustic, IT and automation engineers working in the audiovisual industry for many years, we undertook the task of equipping the multimedia room, which is the heart of the arena, so it could become the pride of the whole area and bring world-class entertainment experience to the town residents.


The key challenge connected with arranging a multifunctional events hall was to design a system that would be within the client’s budget while meeting the “technical riders” or the requirements defined by musicians and other stage artists. To meet these requirements, high quality and functional stage equipment had to be designed and installed.

The electroacoustic system became the main component of the room’s equipment. Carefully selected devices of renowned manufacturers ensure superior sound quality and ultimate functionality. The system’s redundancy of connections guarantees reliability and stability even if a cable is damaged or one of the devices fails. In such systems, control interfaces are equally important as the sound equipment. A multifunctional audio console connected to conference devices via a digital audio bus, together with a stagebox, gives ensures control over all signals in the system. For selected stage applications, the console enables simultaneous work of two sound engineers, offering a number of helpful functions, such as monitoring the status of wireless set batteries. To ensure that the system can be controlled not only from the dedicated sound engineer room, an additional site was set up within the auditorium, with FOH connection for the console. By using the popular Dante standard, the system’s functionality can be extended by external audio devices and creating the possibility of sound recording and post-production.

To cater to all the client’s needs, we decided to install an extensive stage mechanics system and effect lighting. It includes, inter alia, electric and permanent lighting bridges, decorative battens, an electric main curtain and a horizontal curtain, as well as a system of mobile stage platforms that allow the stage to be broadened. Lighting fittings controlled by the DMX protocol and a smoke generator can be used to create a variety of lighting effects, both for concerts and theatrical performances.

The versatility of intended applications of the hall called for specialist acoustic adaptation and high layout flexibility. Versatility of the hall lies in the possibility of a complete rearrangement of both the stage and the auditorium. In this way, a space can be created to accommodate virtually any cultural event. What’s more, the hall can be divided into two smaller, independent parts by means of a sliding wall.

In addition to a high-class stage system, the hall has also been equipped with a complete conference system. The pivotal part of the system is the advanced, digital Crestron processor for full input/ output matrixing. Top image presentation quality is ensured by a projection system consisting of two laser projectors, one for each part of the hall, projecting image onto large-format electric screens. Bearing in mind the possibility of changing the hall layout, we made sure that the User’s devices can be plugged into the system using any of the nine connections located in the floor. In addition, the system has been equipped with a PTZ camera for recording meetings and providing overview to the people staying outside the room. Proper speech reinforcement was ensured by using wireless microphone sets.

Such an integrated control system would not be complete without an integrated control system. User-friendly, wall-mounted touch panels ensure intuitive control of the key functions of the AV system, stage curtains and lighting even by an inexperienced User. The room division sensor allows the system parameters to be automatically adapted to a selected space configuration, with no intervention by the speaker. In turn, the 9-inch, wireless technician panel ensures advanced system control from anywhere in the hall. These types of solutions significantly increase the comfort of operating such an extensive and modern system, offering an unparalleled level of ergonomics.

In addition to equipping the entertainment and conference hall, we have also created an advanced Digital Signage system at the local cultural centre. Several monitors were put in place in the facility to display not only typical information and advertising material, but also to broadcast events from the auditorium set in customised multimedia content. The system is complete with additional ceiling sound system.

The social significance of this type of projects is the function of the expected number of users and the intended uses, i.e. the activities that are to stimulate the local community. For this reason, mindful of the fact that physical culture is just as important as spiritual culture, a small room for fitness classes was also arranged in the building. The sound system allows the User to conduct training to appropriate music. In this way, local residents can use an rich offer of sports activities every day.


Designing multi-purpose halls is always a huge challenge, involving the need to reconcile Client requirements, user needs, specific features of the facility, budget and modern technical capabilities. The hall in the cultural centre in Koziegłowy is a perfect example of how far-reaching integration of all subsystems allows a refined system to be created that will meet all Client requirements and that for years will delight the audience with its versatility and innovation, providing entertainment to lovers of all forms of culture.