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Many years of sociological and marketing research confirms that work is an extremely important part of young people’s lives. Increasingly, it is not only remuneration that matters for them, but also space in which they spend a significant number of hours during the day. Accordingly, modern companies are making efforts to cater to employee needs and set up their headquarters to accommodate both traditional work areas with desks and conference rooms, as well as less formal meeting rooms, chillout rooms, game rooms and coffee corners. The benefits of using such solutions are galore: employees feel greater job satisfaction, achieve better results and attain their goals faster. They become more loyal to the company and the company’s profits go up. An example of a company that not only cares about the daily work-life balance, but also provides employees with a flexible workplace is CBRE – the world’s largest consulting and investment company operating in the commercial real estate sector. One of the modern spaces around the world where they adopted the concept of a flexible office is the company’s Warsaw headquarters, in which we had the opportunity to install an AV system for both conference facilities and staff space.


The work for CBRE covered six floors of the Artico building in Warsaw, which provides both traditional space for office work and business talks, but also space for social gatherings and entertainment.  The lobby, which is the company’s showpiece, has been equipped with a video system. The 65” monitor displays TV news channels to entertain visitors waiting for a scheduled meeting. We also made sure that the office can be efficiently and intuitively managed from the reception desk level. The Crestron touch panel controls the AV for staff facilities, including the selection of a playlist and a sound source for individual audio zones. To help people move around the building we have installed the Digital Signage system, which supports, e.g. 22 players, touch screens and a client application integrated with the Scala server software.  The wayfinder application, developed specifically for the client, will help you find the company’s departments and conference rooms both on specific levels and between floors. The system can also present information and image-building content related to the activities of CBRE and its employees. Dedicated software, tailored to the needs of the client, can be used to edit the content of the wayfinding app: change the content presentation method, names, categories and the allocation of space in individual zones.

The business spaces primarily include conference rooms and their accompanying infrastructure. The conference rooms have been equipped with a video system supported by Barco ClickShare wireless signal transmission and Extron multimedia connections. It was extremely important to ensure that dedicated teamwork spaces would match the rhythm of the company’s work. For this reason, we focused on exploiting the potential of the available space and providing personalized technological solutions. We have developed an automatic system for dividing rooms to combine them into larger spaces or split them with a mobile partition wall as and when needed. Depending on the layout logic of conference rooms, a common or separate audio video system is available, controlled by Crestron keyboards. Smaller conference rooms have been equipped with a simple content presentation system, consisting of a holder with a monitor, cabling and Extron table connections.

The largest training room has a 49” Philips monitor and a Cisco SparkBoard touch monitor, which is a modern multimedia table that is used as an annotator and video conferencing codec. It is a smart tool that facilitates both on-site and remote teamwork. It is integrated with an audit system that consists of a microphone set, amplifiers and DSP processors. The whole thing is supported by Barco ClickShare wireless audio and video transmission as well as Extron multimedia connections. Audio and video signals are transmitted via twisted pair cable. The technology applied makes it possible to use the room for conference purposes and for efficient and intuitive training sessions.

All conference facilities and meeting rooms are covered by Crestron’s room reservation system, which includes more than 50 touch panels and server infrastructure. Integration of the Crestron Fusion software with the corporate calendar automates the process of obtaining and presenting information on the availability of individual rooms and enables remote or on-site reservation of rooms covered by the system.

The office also has an impressive staff space, showing CBRE’s care about employees and their work comfort. It consists of a spacious kitchen and dining area, a colorful chillout room and a gaming room. It includes 22 speakers with a modern audio system. During breaks from work, employees can watch an episode of their favourite series. This is facilitated by the high quality 4K video system with ambilight, which receives satellite signals. In addition, the gaming room has been equipped with an XBOX 4K console and 4K video system with a 75 “ambilight monitor to meet the requirements of the most discerning gamers. Superior sound quality is provided by the 2.1 audio system along with a music server and a multimedia player. If necessary, all systems can be managed locally by means of the Crestron keyboard or remotely from the building’s reception desk.


An office of the modern day is not only the four walls that encompass our working space. This is a space which, when properly arranged, helps employees achieve their goals, creates opportunities for business meetings, adds energy for action or allows people to calm down when they feel overwhelmed by their duties. Above all, however, the solutions used in it must support the work and daily functioning of the company. This is why it is so important to furnish the space with modern and professionally tailored technologies. The wide array of services that CBRE provides for its clients and its care for employees required us to create a superior multi-task office.