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Plac Unii is a multifunctional building present in the Warsaw panorama since 2013. It houses a shopping centre and 43,000 m2 of office space. After 7 years in operation the owner decided to renovate and modernise existing facilities and prepare additional 5,000 sqm of modern and sustainable office space for their tenants.

In cooperation with CBRE and Forbis we have built a showroom of a perfect modern office. The main purpose of this venue was to show prospectus tenants how to make the best use of the upcoming office facilities in the building.

The main challenge in the design and creation of the showroom was to tailor the office space to the demands of the post-Covid era. Our task was to create a workplace with limited touch and safe social distancing, where employees and clients can utilize high quality video conferencing system.



Showroom is divided into 3 zones: conference, workstations and client-facing area.

Conference Room
Conference space has been arranged in ONLINE standard: Microsoft Teams Room. We have equipped it with a screen, table mediaport, room reservation panel and presence sensor.

Employees can reserve the room from a mobile phone, their computer, calendar or a touch panel located outside the room – the later is used for ad-hoc reservations. Name of the meeting is shown immediately on the list on the room reservation panel. The panel illuminates in different colour to inform about the room availability – green when the space is free to be used and red when it is reserved.

Another interesting feature is room automation. When the sensor detects meeting participants, the screen turns on automatically. Similarly, it can also switch the lights on/off in the room to support sustainability of the office. Thanks to this solution there is no need to touch any buttons to start up the system, which was one of the post-Covid era requirements.

Joining a video conference is possible by clicking ‘Join the meeting” button – this is visible on the video conference touch panel, which is also used to control Microsoft Teams Room management application. Lighting, sound volume and other room functionalities can also be managed from the touch panel.

We have also arranged for practical solutions for the office end users. These include a special table mediaport with integrated retractable video cable, which is a comfortable to use when needed and enables neat cable storage to keep the room clean and tidy.

Workstation zone
We have installed an intuitive desk reservation system in this zone. There is a LED desk sign at each workstation showing the availability of the space – red light means the desk is taken, and green shows a free desk available for booking. Considering the importance of post-Covid safety and hygiene requirements we have added a purple light, which means that the desk requires cleaning and disinfection.

There are two ways to reserve a desk. Firstly from a mobile app which shows a floor plan of the office and individual workstations, together with availability status. Alternatively, this can be done by scanning a QR code located on the desktop.

Client-facing zone
We have prepared a Digital Signage system in the client zone. This information system’s dynamic content is displayed on the screen installed in the area – this includes current weather conditions and forecast (downloaded from the weather service), currency exchange rates and marketing or communication presentation selected by the landlord.

We have also installed a dedicated screen for wireless presentations, together with Crestron Airmedia device supporting this technology. The screen can be used for showing presentations on the loop or displaying special content tailored to the visitors or clients – the source being any computer connected to the showroom’s local wi-fi network.


When equipping the Plac Unii showroom, we took under consideration a variety of functional requirements, that all offices will be facing in the post-Covid era. Conference room booking or desk reservation is possible from the employee’s mobile phone. There is a wireless image and sound presentation function available and video conferencing systems installed in the meeting rooms enable quick and intuitive digital communication on the organizational level.

Above functions are becoming necessary in every modern office space. They simultaneously increase safety, make remote communication and collaboration easier and support a safe return to the office for the employees. We look forward to supporting future tenants in selecting the best solutions for their offices in the Plac Unii building.