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For almost two decades, our engineers have not only equipped auditoriums, seminar rooms and laboratories with AV systems, but have also designed their interiors in accordance with the principles of room acoustics. In addition to lecture rooms, we implement university-wide information systems, build specialised 3D stereoscopic laboratories and create standards that are a set of guidelines for each type of room within an audiovisual, electrical and teletechnical infrastructure and in accordance with the acoustic design prepared at the needs analysis stage.


A well-designed audiovisual system is founded upon an equipment standard created on the basis of an analysis of the needs and potential of the University, allowing for its future development. As well as being fit for purpose, the equipment must be intuitive in use, compatible and upgradeable.



We equip lecture halls with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems. To ensure the maximum ease of operation and automation of systems, we provide a central control unit programmed as required, complete with an ergonomic and intuitive user interface.


With professional acoustic simulation tools and experienced acoustic engineers, we prepare designs and acoustic adaptations of auditoriums and lecture halls.


The role of the university information system is to ensure effective and attractive communication with students and university staff.

Information system display screens located at the entrance area, circulation routes, at dean’s offices and in canteens will help to get the message across to all recipients. Modern and visually attractive thin-frame monitors with captivating graphics will replace old and dusty cabinets speckled with paper notes. Content for the monitors is entered remotely from any computer by a user having access to the particular device. The system can be used by a faculty, institution or any student organisation. Monitors can be freely assigned to them. And authorised users will be free to decide about the content, sequence and timing of presentations.


We design specialised rooms with 3D stereoscopic projection solutions for architecture, biotechnology, mechanical and mining faculties. Students can view the designed buildings and their interiors and complex 3D geological models, and make simulations using active stereoscopy in dedicated laboratories.

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Contact us. We will prepare simulations and acoustic adaptation of lecture halls for you. We will work under your supervision to design a modern and fully digital audiovisual infrastructure for educational spaces. We have engineers specialising in projection and control systems, IT specialists and acousticians. We work in the AutoCAD environment. We ensure perfect coordination of our work and stick to the agreed schedule.

General Contractor

Call us. We will make you a competitive offer for the implementation of turnkey AV conference rooms. We enjoy preferential terms from our AV equipment vendors. We will analyse projects and suggest which elements can be made more effectively cost and equipment-wise. We will help you select the right materials or apply replacement solutions. Bet on us to make sure your project is completed within budget and on time.

Project Owner

Contact us. We will inventory what you already have. We will propose modernisation directions or design educational rooms and spaces from scratch to a completely new digital quality. If no upgrade is required, we will gladly take care of the technical infrastructure, committing ourselves to look after it well under a maintenance and service contract.