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Designing and building exhibitions is our specialty. We were one of the first teams in the country to begin designing and equipping museums and science centres with modern exhibition equipment. With our experience in the sector built since 2003, today we are able to design and install any exhibition, whether historical or scientific. From drawing up feasibility studies and sightseeing scenarios to preparing educational programmes and interior designs. From implementing electrical, teletechnical and multimedia industry designs to designing sceneries, showcases and interactive installations. From writing and implementing multimedia applications and making films to creating websites integrated with the RFiD ticket sales system.

Since 2003, we have successfully implemented our own exhibition management system in many facilities. We have recently upgraded it with an additional module for continuous monitoring of special maintenance conditions in showcases and museum spaces.


Contact us. We will help you write a feasibility study and obtain funding towards the set-up or upgrade of your exhibition. We have been helping our business partners in this way for several years. If you are at the stage of designing or building an exhibition, we will be happy to act as your consultant and a site inspector, sharing our knowledge and experience with you. We will work hand in hand with you, taking care of your interests throughout the project. If you are at a competition stage, we will gladly join it to be able to comprehensively design the entire exhibition for you. From the concept design, to all industry-specific detailed projects, to text edition, translations to historical and scientific consultations.


We will help you in the competition for the building and permanent exhibition design. If you win the contract, we will help you design all exhibition spaces, warehouses and passageways. Working in the industry for years, we’ve dealt with many good specialists, including historians, scientists and contractors, specialising in projects for Museums and Science Centres. Work with us to create the industry’s best project team. From subject-matter and scientific consultants, to screenwriters and set designers to designers of cabinets, display cases and interactive installations. From multimedia specialists to film producers to developers of multimedia applications.


Contact us. We will be happy to make you a really good offer. We will suggest how to organise work on such a specific project as the design of a Museum or a Science Centre. We will bring together the best team to carry out the very difficult task of constructing an exhibition facility. We have been gaining experience in this market ever since its inception. We have an impressive track record of successfully completed projects in cooperation with the best consultants, contractors and subcontractors. We also know the importance of budgets and schedules.